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Update Wednesday May 25 2005

Giro d'Italia Bike Camp
Firenze & Maroista, Italy
14--21 May 2005

NYC Critical Mass
Bike Bloc & Some Marching
August 2004

US Pro Cycling Tour
BMC NYC Cycling Championship
& Bike Messenger Challenge
August 2004

Independence Day Gold Sprint
NY Bike Messenger Association
July 2004

Kissena Park Velodrome
Track Grand Reopening
April 2004

NYC Human-Powered Rollercoaster
Scale Model Prototype
January 2004

Mayor Bloomberg
NYC Cycling Championships
& Bike Messenger Challenge
August 2003

Bike Summer Critical Mass
Bike Summer Critical Mass
Midtown Manhattan
June 2003

Amy Bolger photograph
2nd Annual Road to Nowhere
Roller Races in Philadelphia
June 2003

Bike Rodeo & Cyclecide
Bike Rodeo Heavy-Pedal Cyclecide!
at NYC Bicycle Show
May 2003

Critical Ass
Critical Ass
Underwear Only Bike Ride
April 2003

Jared Bunde's Fan Site
A Night of Cycling
A Benefit for Jared Bunde's
Tour of Flanders

Kissena Roller Races
Kissena Treadmill Boogie
Club Roller Races
Jan.--March 2003

Jared's Cake
October Fests
Bicycle Paintings at Recycle-A-Bicycle
Jared's Birthday
Trexlertown Velodrome Swap Meet
October 2002, NYC & PA

Kissena Renovation
Kissena Velodrome Restoration
October 2003, Queens

Warriors Fun Ride & Race
Sunset in Bronx to Sunrise at Coney
Can You Dig It?
August 2002, NYC

Tour de Lance Postal
New York City Cycling Championship
August 2002, NYC

Altay's Record
Big Weekend in Phila
Roller Racing & USPRO Championships
June 2002, Philadelphia

Housatonic Valley Classic
Housatonic Valley Classic
Pro Men, Pro Women, and amateurs
May 2002, Danbury, CT

Roller Racing
Rolling On The Spot II
Indoor Bicycle Roller Racing
December 2001, Brooklyn

NYC 911
San Francisco Grand Prix
Delayed by World Trade Center tragedy.
September 2001, Northern California.

Larz Show
Larz Anderson Bicycle Show & Swap Meet
August 2001, Brookline, MA

Lance's Third
Lance Armstrong visits the US Post Office
August 2001, New York City

Brooklyn Double-Header!
Critical Mass takes Brooklyn Bridge
Keyspan implodes those Towers
June - July 2001, Brooklyn

Bicycle Roller Exhibitions
NYC Bike Show, TA Bike Week
May 2001, Manhattan & Brooklyn