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Bicycle Clubs, Groups & Associations

A list of past and present bike-related groups, neighborhood clubs, regional organizations, and global associations.

Group name (acronym), Date of origin and lifespan, Place of origin or headquarters, Activities or purpose, Members count.



Academic Bicycle Club (Diamant 1974), Katowice, Poland, recreation.
Acme Wheelmen of New York, Yonkers NY.
Action Unlimited, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia.
Adirondack Region Bike Club, Lake Placid NY.
Adventure Cycling Association, 1973-, Missoula MT, touring, source, Adventure Cyclist, The Cyclists' Yellow Pages. Formerly Bikecentennial 1973-1992.
Adventure Cycling Club, Bahawalpur, Pakistan, touring.
Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists (ARC), 1996, Toronto, Canada, advocacy.
African Alternatives, Cape Town, South Africa, trails.
Aiken Bicycle Club, Aiken SC.
Akron Bicycle Club, 1965, Akron OH, touring, Chain Letters.
Alabama Cycling Club, Echola AL, recreation.
Alamance-Burlington Bicycle Club, Burlington NC.
Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA), Edmonton, Canada.
Alexandra Cycle Action Group, Lancaster, England, advocacy.
Algemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club (ADFC), 1979-, Bremen, Germany, transport, recreation.
Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond (ANWB), 1883, Utrecht, touring, sport, advocacy. Formerly Nederlandsche Velocipedistenbond (NVB), 188385, Utrecht.
Alliance for a Paving Moratorium, Arcata CA, advocacy.
Alliance Internationale de Tourisme, Geneva, Switzerland, touring association.
All India Cycle Manufacturers Association, Dehli, India, industry.
All-Terrain Bike Club Carate Brianza, Italy, trails.
All-Terrain Bike Club Discovery, Landgraaf, Holland, trails.
Almaden Cycle Touring Club, 1975, San Jose CA, recreation, 800 members in 1990s.
Alpine Glow Velo, Bend OR.
Alternative Stad, Stockholm, Sweden, transport.
Alto Velo Bicycle Racing Club, Cupertino CA, sport.
Amateur Athletic Association (AAA), 1866-, London, sport.
Amateur Bicycle Club, 1870-, London.
Amateur Bicycle League of America (ABLA), 19211974, New York NY. See United States Cycling Federation (USCF).
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials {AASHTO), Washington DC, transport.
American Athletic Association of the Deaf (AAAD), 1945, Ogden UT, sport.
American Bicycle Association (ABA), 1977-, Chandler AZ, BMX racing, 57,000 members in 1992.
American Mountain Bike Association (AMBA), Chandler AZ, MTB racing.
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Washington DC, industry.
American Trails, Washington DC, trails. Formerly American Trails Network and National Trails Council.
American Youth Hostels (AYH), Washington DC, 260 hostels in North America; affiliate of International Youth Hostel Federation.
Amicale Cycliste du Corps de Sante (Friends of cycling in health professions), 1972, Marines, France.
Amics de la Bici-Agrupacio d'Usaris Barcelona (Friends of the bike in Barcelona), 1981-, Barcelona, Spain.
Amici della Bicicletta (Friends of the bicycle in Italy), Bologna, Italy.
Les Amis de la Terre de Bruxelles (Friends of the earth in Brussels), Brussels, Belgium.
Annapolis Bicycle Club, Annapolis MD, recreation.
Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Club, Ann Arbor MI.
Ann Arbor Velo Club, Ann Arbor MI, sport.
Another Dam Bike Club, Knoxville IA, recreation.
Anthracite Bicycle Club, Hazelton PA.
Antique Bicycle Club of America, 1958-, New York, cycles, collecting.
Appalachian Mountain Bike Club, Knoxville TN, trails.
Appalachian Mountain Club Bicycle Committee, Jersey City NJ, trails.
Arab Amateur Cycling Federation (AACF), regional sport.
Arbeiterradfahrbund: Solidaritt (Workers' Cycling Federation), 1896-, Germany. Full-service cooperative.
ARGUS-Fahrradburo (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Umweltfreundlicher Stadtverkehr), 1979-, Vienna, Austria, transport, touring.
Arctic Bicycle Club, Anchorage AK, recreation.
Arizona Bicycle Club (ABC), 1963-, Phoenix AZ, recreation.
Arlington Heights Bicycle Association, Arlington Heights IL.
Ashland Bicycle Commuters, Ashland OR, advocacy.
Asian Cycling Federation (ACF), regional sport.
Aspen Cycling Club, Aspen CO.
Associacio Bicitrak Muntanya, Barcelona, Spain, trails.
Association Bici e Dintorni, Torino, Italy, transport.
Association Cultural La Bicicleta, Madrid, Spain, performing arts group.
Association Francaise de Mountain Bike (AFMB), Neuilly, France, sport.
Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC), Barton-on-Humber, England, sport, over 650 qualified members in 1995, Coaching News.
Association of Cycle and Lightweight Campers, London, touring; affiliate of Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland.
Association of Cycle Traders (ACT), Tunbridge Wells, England, trade.
Association Quebecoise du Velo de Montagne (AQVM), Haute-Ville, Canada, trails.
Association to Advance Bicycling, West Hills CA, advocacy.
Associazione Nazionale Ciclo Motociclo Accessori (ANCMA), 1920-, Milan, Italy, industry.
Associazione Nazionale Velodromi Italiani, Busto Garolfo, Italy, affiliation of 21 tracks.
Atlanta Bicycle Campaign (ABC), Atlanta GA, advocacy.
Atlantic Bicycle Club, Allenwood NJ.
Auburn Bicycling Club, Auburn CA.
Auckland Cycle Touring Association, Auckland, New Zealand, recreation.
Audax UK, Gwithian, England, touring. Formerly Long Distance Cycle Association.
Audax Club of Australia, Shoreham, Victoria, touring.
Aurora Bicycle Club, Aurora IL.
Austin Cycling Association, Austin TX, recreation, 500 members in 1995, Austin Cycling News.
Austin Ridge Riders, Austin TX, trails.
Australian BMX Association (ABA), Geilston Bay, Tasmania, BMX racing.
Australian Cycling Council, Sydney, Australia.
Australian Cycling Federation (ACF), 1929-, Sydney, governs UCI-sanctioned racing in Australia. Formerly Australian Amateur Cycling Association (AACA); League of Australian Wheelmen Footscray, Victoria.
Australian Human-Powered Vehicle Association (AHPVA), Mordialloc, Victoria, Laid Back.
Australian Mountain Biking Association (AMBA), Sydney, sport, trails.
Australian Professional Cycling Council, Austin's Ferry, Tasmania, sport.
Austria Radreisen Scharding, Austria, touring, source.
Auto-Free Bay Area Coalition, 1992-, Berkeley CA, transport.
Auto-Free D.C., Washington DC, transport.
Auto Relief, 1992-, Eugene OR, transport.
Azalea City Cyclists, Mobile AL.


Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club, Seattle WA, trails.
Baddlands Cycling Club, Spokane WA, sport.
Badwater Bicycle Club, Barstow CA.
Bainbridge Island Mountain Bikers Organized, Bainbridge Island WA, trails.
Baka Mountain Bike Club, Oshkosh WI, trails.
Baldwin County Tailwinds, Daphne AL.
Baltimore Bicycling Club (BBC), Baltimore MD, recreation, advocacy.
Banana Belt Fat Tracks, Salida CO, trails.
Bartlesville Pedalers, Bartlesville OK.
Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Association (BRAMBA), Baton Rouge LA, trails.
Baton Rouge Bicycle Club, 1972, Baton Rouge LA, touring, advocacy, Cycling Short.
Battle Creek Bicycle Club, Battle Creek MI, touring, Spoke `n Word.
Bay Area Bicycle Action, 1990-, San Francisco CA, transport.
Bay Area Enduros, CA, internet.
Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, San Francisco CA, trails.
Bay Area Roaming Tandems, Los Gatos CA, recreation.
Bay Shore Bicycle Club, 1981, Green Bay WI, recreation, advocacy, Pedalers Press.
Bayou Country Cyclists, Houma LA.
Bayou Ramblers, Bastrop LA, recreation.
Beartooth Fat Tire Society, Red Lodge MT, trails.
Belmont Bicycle Club (BBC), 1960s-, Belmont CA.
Belton Museum Veteran Cycle Club, Marston, England, collectors.
Benicia Bicycle Club, Vallejo CA.
Benson Veteran Cycle Club, Benson, England, collectors.
Bergen County Bike Club, Hillsdale NJ, recreation.
Berkeley Bicycle Club, Berkeley CA.
Berkeley Bikeways, 1970-, Berkeley CA, transport.
Berkeley Trailers Union (BTU), 1980- Berkeley CA, trails.
Berks County Bicycle Club, Reading PA.
Berrien Bicycle Club, Berrien Springs MI.
Bicas, Tucson AZ, education, recyclery.
Bici e Dintorni, Torino, Italy, advocacy.
Bici para la Paz (Bikes for Peace), 1988-, Spain, advocacy.
Biciklista Esperanto Movado Internacia (BEMI), 1979-, Valby, Denmark, Esperanto-speaking cyclists.
Bicybo (Cycling Union), 1990-, Brno, Czech Republic.
BicyCal, 1990s, Berkeley CA.
Bicycle Action Group, Broward County MD, transport.
Bicycle Action Project, 1970s-, Seattle WA, transport.
Bicycle Action Project, 1988-, Indianapolis IN, education, recyclery, BMX racing.
Bicycle Adventure Club, 1982, San Diego CA, touring, 600 members in 1995.
Bicycle Advocacy Group of Mississippi, Jackson MS.
Bicycle Association of Great Britain, 1973-, Starley House, Coventry, industry.
Bicycle Association of North Georgia (BANG), Alpharetta GA.
Bicycle Australia, Campbelltown, Australia, touring.
Bicycle Built for One World, San Francisco CA, Blind and sighted cyslists for peace.
Bicycle Bunch, Tempe AZ.
Bicycle Club of Irvine, Irvine CA, recreation, Pacelines.
Bicycle Club of Lake County, Libertyville IL.
Bicycle Club of Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA, recreation, 950 members in 1995, Quick Release.
Bicycle Coalition of Maine, Augusta ME, advocacy.
Bicycle Coalition of Massachusetts, 1977-, Cambridge MA, transport, The Mass Cyclist. Formerly Boston Area Bicycle Coalition (BABC), 1977-1992.
Bicycle Coalition of the Delaware Valley, Philadelphia PA, advocacy, transport.
Bicycle Courier Olympics, Washington DC, couriers.
Bicycle Education & Enrichment Programs (BEEP), 1994, New Haven CT, education, recreation.
Bicycle Environmental Improvement Promotion Council, 1992-, Sakai City, Japan, recycling.
Bicycle Experience, Cincinnati OH, recyclery.
Bicycle Federation of America (BFA), 1977-, Washington DC, advocacy, Pro Bike conference, Pro Bike News.
Bicycle Federation of Australia, 1979-, Melbourne, Australia, transport, recreation, Australian Cyclist.
Bicycle Federation of Oregon, Salem OR, advocacy.
Bicycle Federation of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg PA, advocacy.
Bicycle Federation of Southeastern Wisconsin, Milwaukee WI.
Bicycle Federation of Tennessee, Murfreesboro TN, recreation, transport.
Bicycle Federation of Washington, 1982-, Olympia WA, recreation, transport.
Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, Madison WI, Wisconsin Bicyclist.
Bicycle for Agriculture, Nigeria, development.
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, Arlington VA, advocacy.
Bicycle Industry Organization (BIO), 1993-2000, Boulder CO, industry.
Bicycle Institute of America (BIA), Washington DC, industry, advocacy.
Bicycle Institute of New South Wales (BINSW), 1976-, Sydney, Australia, transport, recreation.
Bicycle Institute of Queensland (BIQ), 1979-, Lucia, Australia, transport, recreation.
Bicycle Institute of South Australia (BISA), Adelaide, Australia.
Bicycle Institute of Victoria (BIV), 1975-, Melbourne, Australia, transport, recreation.
Bicycle Investment Group (BIG), St. Louis MO, education.
Bicycle League of Norman, Norman OK.
Bicycle Manufacturers of America (BMA), 1970-, Washington DC, industry.
Bicycle Market Research Institute (BMRI), Boston MA, trade.
Bicycle Mobile Hams of America (BMHA), 1989, Boulder CO, cycling radio operators, 500 members in 1995.
Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's, Canada.
Bicycle Network, 1976-, Philadelphia PA, source, transport, advocacy.
Bicycle Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, recreation.
Bicycle Parking Project, 1981-, Philadelphia PA, transport, source. Formerly Bicycle Parking Foundation.
Bicycle Polo Association of Great Britain, 1931-, Gosport, England, recreation.
Bicycle Racing Stars of the Nineteenth Century Association, Chicago IL, old boys' club.
Bicycle Ride Directors Association of America, Whittier CA, recreation, source.
Bicycles for Afghan Amputees Rehabilitation (BAAR), 1992, San Francisco CA and Jalalabad, Afghanistan, development.
Bicycle Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, touring, trails.
Bicycle Touring Club, see Cyclists' Touring Club.
Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey, Mahwah NJ, recreation.
Bicycle Touring Club of Solvang, Solvang CA, recreation.
Bicycle Trade Association of Canada.
Bicycle Trails Council of Marin, 1987-, Fairfax CA, trails.
Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay (BTCEB), Berkeley CA, trails.
Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Madison WI, transport.
Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Perth, Australia, transport, Cycling in the West.
Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Portland OR, transport.
Bicycle Transportation Action, New York NY, transport.
Bicycle Union (BU), 18781883, England. See National Cyclists' Union (NCU.
Bicycle Utah, Park City UT, touring.
Bicycle Victoria, 1975-, Melbourne, Australia, touring, advocacy.
Bicycle Wholesale Distributors Association (BWDA), Philadelphia PA, trade. Formerly Cycle Jobbers Association, 1950s-.
BicycleWORKS, 1989, St. Louis MO, education, recyclery.
Bicycling Association of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, touring, source.
Bicycling Federation of Pennsylvania, Camp Hill PA, recreation.
Bicyclists Against Drugs Association, Tempe AZ, advocacy.
Bicyclists Improve Keikis' Environment (BIKE), Lihue HI, advocacy.
Bicyclists of Iowa City, Iowa City IA, recreation, The Bicycle Post.
Big Apple Triathlon Club, New York NY, sport.
Big Bear Bikes Racing Club, Big Bear Lake CA, sport.
Big Island Mountain Bike Association, Hilo HI, trails.
Big Lick Hillbillies, Roanoke VA, recreation.
Big Rapids Bicycle Club, Big Rapids MI.
Big River Bicycle Club, Savannah TN.
Big South Fork Bicycle Club, Oneida TN.
Big Wheels Bicycle Club, Lockport NY, recreation.
Bike Aid-Overseas Development Network, San Francisco CA, development.
Bike Baltimore, Baltimore MD, advocacy.
Bike Burlington, Burlington IA.
Bikecology, 1970s, Chicago IL, transport.
Bike-Commuters of the Environmental Protection Agency (BEPA), 1975-, Washington DC, transport, recreation.
Bikecentennial. See Adventure Cycling Association.
Bike for Bibles, East Perth, Australia.
The Bike People, 1991-, Los Angeles CA, transport.
Bike Psychos, Oak Lawn IL, recreation.
Bikers Association Downhill International (BAD), Switzerland, sport.
B.I.K.E.S., 1980, Everett WA, touring, Chainwheel Chatter.
Bikes Not Bombs (BNB), 1984, Roxbury MA, recyclery, education, development.
Bikes Not Cars, 1989-, Toronto, Canada, transport.
BikeSouth, Walkerville, South Australia, state bicycle committee.
Bike Traffic, San Francisco CA, education, recyclery.
Bike Utah, Park City UT, advocacy.
Bikeways Maui, Wailuku HI.
Bike WNY, Buffalo NY, transport.
Biking Across Kansas, Wichita KS, recreation.
Biking for a Better Community, 1992-, Bend OR, transport.
Biking for Good Reasons (BGR), San Juan Capistrano CA.
Biking Is Kind to the Environment (BIKE), 1992, Chatham NJ, advocacy, environmental.
Birmingham Bicycle Club, 1972, Birmingham AL, recreation, transport.
Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP), Birmingham AL.
Blackhawk Bicycle & Ski Club, Rockford IL.
Black Hills Mountain Bike Association, Rapid City SD, trails.
Black Rock Mountain Bike Club, Mountainville NY, trails.
Blacksburg Bikeway & Sidewalk, Blacksburg VA, advocacy.
Blackstone Bicycle Co-op, Chicago IL, education, recyclery.
Black Swamp Bicycling Society, Bowling Green OH.
Blazing Saddles Bicycle Club, Decatur IN.
Blennerhassett Bicycle Club, Parkersburg WV.
Blood, Sweat & Gears, Marshall MO.
Bloomington Bicycle Club (BBC), Bloomington IN, recreation.
Bloomington Bicycle Club, Bloomington MN.
Bluegrass Wheelmen, Lexington KY.
Blue Ridge Bicycle Club, Asheville NC.
Blue Ridge Bicycle Club, Roanoke VA.
Boca Raton Bicycle Club, Boca Raton FL.
Boeing Employees Bicycle Club, Seattle WA, transport, recreation.
Bombay Bicycle Club, Madison WI.
Bonneville Bicycle Touring Club (BBTC), Salt Lake City UT, recreation.
Boone Bicycle Club, Boone IA.
Boston Bicycle Club (BBC), 1878-, Boston MA, recreation, sport.
Boston Veteran Cycle Club, Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, collectors.
Boulder Bicycle Commuters (BBC), Boulder CO, advocacy.
Boulder Mountain Biking Association, Boulder CO, trails.
Boulder Off-Road Alliance, Boulder CO, trails.
Bowling Green League of Bicyclists, Bowling Green KY, recreation.
Brandywine Bicycle Club, West Chester PA, touring, racing, Brandywine Pedaler.
Brattleboro Velo Club, Brattleboro VT.
Break-Away Bicycle Club, Kokomo IN.
Breckenridge Fat Tire Society, Breckenridge CO, trails.
Bridgestone Owners Bunch (BOB), 1992-, San Leandro CA, cycles.
Bringa Munkacsoport, Hungary, transport.
Brisbane Bicycle Touring Association, Ashgrove, Australia, touring.
Bristol Cycling Campaign, Bristol, England, advocacy.
British Cycling Bureau, London, industry, source.
British Cycling Federation (BCF), 1959-, Manchester, governs IOC- and UCI-sanctioned racing in U.K. Formerly British League of Racing Cyclists (BLRC), 1942-1959; National Cyclists' Union (NCU), 1883-1959; Bicycle Union (BU), 1878-1883.
British Cyclo-Cross Association (BCCA), 1954-, Coldfield, England, sport, 300 member clubs in 1980.
British Human Power Club, Bourne End, England, cycles, sport.
British Mountain Biking (BMB), Manchester, England, sport, trails.
British Professional and Independent Cycling Association.
British Triathlon Association, Essex, England, sport.
British Universities Cycling Clubs, Rusholme, England.
Brno Velo Club, Port Chester NY.
Brooklyn Velo Force, Brooklyn NY, sport.
Buffalo Area Recreational Cyclists, Niagara Falls NY, recreation.
Buffalo Ramblers, 1880s-, Buffalo NY, recreation, members cycled 189,329 miles in 1889.
Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (BDF), 1884-, Frankfurt, governs IOC- and UCI-sanctioned racing in Germany. Formerly Deutscher Radfahrer-Bund (DRB), 1884-, Leipzig; Norddeutscher Velocipedisten-Bund, 1882-84, Hanover; Deutscher und Deutsch-Oesterreichischer Velocipedistan-Bund, 1882-, Munich.
Bygone Bikes Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England, cycles, collectors.


Cabbagetown Bicycle Club, 1990-, Toronto, Canada, transport, development.
Cadence Cycling, Edmonton, Canada.
Cajun Cyclists, Pack and Paddle, 1983, Lafayette LA, recreation, Cajun Cyclist News.
California Association of Bicycling Organizations (CABO), 1972-, Dublin CA, source, recreation, transport, 75 member clubs.
California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike), Sacramento CA, lobby.
California Bicycle Safety Network, Pleasant Hill CA, Safety Spoke.
Calgary Bicycle Club, 1892, Calgary, Canada, recreation.
Calgary Cycling Club, 1940s, Calgary, Canada, sport.
Caloosa Riders, Fort Myers FL.
Calumet Crank Club, Valparaiso IN.
Cambridge Cycling Campaign, Cambridge, England, advocacy.
Cambridge University Cycling Club, Cambridge, England.
Camden Hills Off-Road Bicycling Association, Camden ME, trails.
Campaign for Clean Air and Exercise (CLAIRE), Stanford CA, environmental advocacy.
Campus Bike Club, Salt Lake City UT.
Campus Life Rock Riders, San Luis Obispo CA.
Canadian Bicycle Dealers' Association 1920s.
Canadian BMX Association Vernon BC, BMX racing.
Canadian Cycling Association (CCA), 1882, Gloucester, Ontario, Canada, UCI-sanctioned racing, recreation, advocacy. Formerly Canadian Wheelmen's Association (CWA), 1882-1968; Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (MAAA), 1881-1882, Montreal.
Canadian Federation of Sport Organizations for the Disabled, Gloucester, Ontario.
Canadian Mountain Bike Polo Association, Whistler BC, recreation.
Canadian Wheelmen's Association, 1882-1968.
Formerly Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, 1881-1882.
Canon City Cycling Club, Canon City CO.
Canterbury Cyclists Association, Christchurch, New Zealand, touring, trails.
Canton Bicycle Club, Canton NY.
Cape Fear Cyclists, Wilmington NC, recreation.
Capital Bicycle Club, 1881-, Washington DC, recreation.
Capital Bicycling Club, 1978, Olympia WA, recreation, transport, 180 members in 1995.
Capital City Cyclists, 1981, Tallahassee FL, recreation, The Cyclist.
Capital Off-Road Bicycle Association, Aylmer, Canada.
Capybara Mountain Bike Club, Crofton MD.
Carleton College Cycling Club, Northfield MI.
Carmel Mountain Bike Club, Haifa, Israel, trails.
Carolina Cyclers, Columbia SC.
Carolina Tarwheels, 1980, Durham NC, recreation, 200 members in 1995, Coghauler.
Cascade Bicycle Club, Seattle WA, recreation, 4,800 members in 1990largest regional club in U.S.
Casco Bay Bicycle Club, Westbrook ME, touring, The Bikeway.
Catamount Mountain Bike Club, Williston CT, trails.
Centenary Club, England, industry elites.
Center for Appropriate Tranport (CAT), 1992, Eugene OR, education, recyclery.
Central Bucks Bicycle Club, Buckingham PA.
Central California Off-Road Cyclists (CCORC), Pinedale CA, trails.
Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB), San Luis Obispo CA, trails.
Central Connecticut Cycling Club, Bristol CT, touring, sport.
Central Illinois Cyclists, Mattoon IL.
Central Indiana Bicycle Association (CIBA), 1970, Indianapolis IN, touring, transport, 1,700 members in 1995.
Central Jersey Bicycle Club (CJBC), 1968, Edison NJ, recreation.
Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA), Bend OR, trails.
Central Oregon Wheelers, Bend OR.
Central Texas Trailblazers, Belton TX, trails.
Centro Portuguese Cicloturismo (CPC), Lisbon, Portugal, touring.
Centro Salvadoreno de Technologia Apropiada (CESTA), San Salvador, El Salvador, development, appropriate technology.
Century Cycling Club, 1945, Hamilton, Canada, sport.
Century Road Club Association (CRCA), 1898-, New York NY, sport.
Century Road Club of America (CRC), 1890-, Princeton NJ, touring, sport.
Ceskoslovenska Sekce Cyklistiky, Prague, Czech Republic, recreation, transport.
Chain Gang, Phillipsburg NJ, sport.
Chain Reaction Cycling Club, Paducah KY, recreation.
Chaperon Cycling Association, 1896-, England, recreation.
Charles River Wheelmen, 1966-, West Newton MA, recreation, 750 members in 1990.
Charlottesville-Albemarle Bicycling Alliance (CHABA), Charlottesville VA, advocacy.
Chattanooga Bicycle Club, Chattanooga TN, recreation, advocacy, Tailwind.
Chequamegon Area Mountian Bike Association, Cable WI, trails.
Cherry Capital Cycling Club, Traverse City MI.
Cherry City Cyclists, 1974, San Leandro CA, touring, advocacy, Cherry City Circular.
Chester County Mountian Biking.
Chicago Area Bicycle Dealers Association (CABDA), Homewood IL, trade, new name Midwest Association of Bicycle Dealers.
Chicago Area Recumbent Riders. IL., recreation.
Chicago Area Tandems, Barrington IL.
Chicago Cycling Club, Chicago IL.
Chicago Wheelmen, Chicago IL, recreation.
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, 1985-, Chicago IL, transport.
Chico Velo Cycling Club, 1980, Chico CA, recreation, sport.
China Bicycle Association, Beijing, industry.
Chinese Taipei Amateur Cycling Association, Taipei, Taiwan, touring, sport.
Chino Hills State Park Bicycle Assistance Unit, Anaheim CA, trails.
Chinook Cycling Club, Kennewick WA, sport.
Chipola Bicycle Association, Marianna FL.
Choice City Cycling Coalition, Fort Collins CO, advocacy.
Christchurch Bicycle Club, 1876-, Christchurch, England, recreation.
Ciclistas Organizados Pan-Americanos, Bronx NY, sport.
Ciclobby, 1990-, Milan, Italy, transport.
Ciclo Club Villaves, Villava, Spain, sport. Cielo Velo Bicycle Club, Santa Barbara CA.
Cincinnati Cycle Club, Milford OH, touring, transport, Bikewriter.
Circle City Cycling People, Dothan AL.
Citizens for Cycling Freedom (CFCF), 1996, Austin TX, advocacy against helmet laws.
Citizens on Cycles, 1970s, Montreal, Canada, transport.
Classic Bicycle and Whizzer Club of America, Ann Arbor MI, cycles, collectors, 20th century.
Clear Creek Bicycle Club, Idaho Springs CO.
Cleveland Touring Club, Cleveland OH, Crank Mail.
Clinton River Riders, Mount Clemens MI, touring, Rambler.
Club Bump, Myrtle Point OR.
Club Ciclista Rivas, Madrid, Spain, recreation.
Club de Ciclistas, Lima, Peru, recreation.
Club de los muchachos en mal, Guamuchil, Mexico, trails.
Club des Cyclistes Stphanois, 1882, Saint-Etienne, France, touring.Club des Villes Cyclables 1990s- France, transport, bikeable cities.
Club D.I.R.T., Ensenada, Mexico, trails.
Club M.U.D. (Mountainbikers Ultimate Dream), Marlborough MA, trails.
Club Nacional Velocipedista, 1883, Mexico City.
Coachella Valley Cycling Association, Rancho Mirage CA.
Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists, Phoenix AZ, advocacy.
Coalition of Connecticut Bicyclists, 1977, Middletown CT, advocacy, 2,500 members in 1995, Connecticut Bicyclist.
Coalition for Fair Bicycle Trade, 1990s-, Washington DC, industry lobby.
Coalition of Louisiana Cyclists, Baton Rogue LA, advocacy.
Coalition of New Jersey Cyclists, Princeton NJ, advocacy.
Coastal Bicycle Touring Club, Savannah GA.
Coastal Cruisers Bicycle Club, Port Charlotte FL.
Coastal Cyclists, 1978, Charleston SC, recreation, transport, Wheelwrite.
Coast Range Riders Bicycle Club, Richmond CA, trails.
Coconut Grove Bicycle Club, 1965-, Coconut Grove FL, sport, recreation.
College Park Area Bicycle Coalition, College Park MD, advocacy.
College Park Bicycle Club, College Park MD, sport.
Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association (COPMOBA), Grand Junction CO, trails.
Colorado Springs Cycling Club, Colorado Springs CO, recreation.
Colorado Time Trial Club, Superior CO, sport.
Colt Bicycle Club, 1890s, Hartford CT, recreation.
Columbia Bicycle Club, Columbia TN.
Columbia University Cycling Club, New York NY, sports.
Comite International des Sports des Sourds (CISS), 1924, sport, World Games for the Deaf.
Comit Liaison des Fabricants des Bicyclettes (COLIBI), France, industry.
Comit Liaison des Fabricants de Pices et Equipements de Deux Roues (COLIPED), France, industry.
Commission Internationale de Cyclisme en Salle.
Community Bicycle Network (CBN), 1993, Toronto, Canada, education, recyclery.
Community Cycling Center, 1993, Portland OR, education, recyclery.
Concerned Cyclists of Crystal Cove, Corona del Mar CA, trails.
Concerned Long Island Mountain Bikers (CLIMB), Woodbury NY, trails.
Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists' Association (CORBA), 1987-, Woodland Hills CA, trails.
CORBA-Puget Sound, Seattle WA, trails.
Connecticut Coalition of Bicyclists, Middletown CT, transport.
A Contramano, Sevilla, Spain, transport.
Coordinatora Catalana d'Usuaris de la Bicicleta, Barcelona, Spain, transport.
Coosa Valley Cycling Association, Rome GA.
Corpus Christi Off-Road Bicycle Riders Association (CCORBRA), Crpus Christi TX, trails.
Corvallis Mountain Bike Club, Corvallis OR, trails.
Country Cycle Club, Scarsdale NY, touring, 700 members in 1995, Plain Spoken.
The County Pedalers, Presque Isle ME.
Cream City Cycle Club, Milwaukee WI, recreation, Q-Sheet.
Crescent City Cyclists, Metairie LA, recreation, 400 members in 1995.
Crested Butte Mountain Bicycling Association, Crested Butte CO, trails.
Cross Canada Tour Society, 1982, Vancouver, Canada, touring.
Crossroads Cycling Club, Victoria TX.
Cumberland Valley Cycling Club, Hagerstown MD.
Custer Bicycle Club, Custer SD, recreation, trails.
Custer County Bicycle Club, Westcliff CO.
CYCAD, Manilla, Philippines, advocacy.
Cyclebag, 1977-, Bristol, England, transport, 2,000 members in 1980.
Cycle Board of Trade, 1894-, New York NY, industry.
Cycle Campaign Network (CCN), 1990s-, Milton Keyes, England, transport.
Cyclefolk, 1984-, Dublin, Ireland, transport.
Cycle Parts and Accessories Association, East Hills NY, trade.
Cycle Safety Campaign, 1991-, Johannesburg, South Africa, advocacy.
Cycle Scene Bicycle Club, Ventura CA.
Cycle Speedway Council, 1971-, Dorset, England, flat track racing.
Cycle Touring Association of Western Australia, Wembley, Australia, touring, source.
Cycle Tourist Association of India, Pune, India, touring.
Cyclevents, Jackson Hole WY.
Cycle Watch, Toronto, Canada, transport.
Cycleways, Takoma Park MD, touring, source.
Cycling Association of Yukon, Whitehorse, Canada, recreation.
Cycling British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, recreation.
Cycling Club of Rochester, Rochester MN.
Cycling Engineers Institute, 1896-, Colchester, England, cycles.
Cycling Enthusiasts of Delaware Valley, Philadelphia PA.
Cycling New Brunswick, Dieppe, Canada, recreation.
Cycling Research Association, 1989-, Mount Shasta CA, cycles, science, sport.
Cycling Saddlemen Bike Club, Dearborn MI.
Cyclist Protection Association of South Australia, 1976-, Adelaide, Australia, insurance.
Cyclists of Greater St. Louis, St. Louis MO.
Cyclists' Public Affairs Group (CPAG), 1992-, England, advocacy.
Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC), 1878-, Godalming, England, source, advocacy, transport, touring. Formerly Bicycle Touring Club, 1878-1883, Harrogate.
Cyclonauts, Paso Robles CA.
Cyclonauts Bicycling Club, Chicopee MA.
Cyclone Cycling Club, Los Alamos NM, recreation, sport.
Cyc-Ous Old Bike Nuts Club, Kengray, South Africa.
Cykelfrmjandet, 1934-, Stockholm, Sweden, transport, touring.
Cykelkedjan, 1976-, Stockholm, Sweden, transport.
Cykelrejseforeningen TOUR, Snekkersten, Denmark, touring, trails.
Czech and Slovak Bike Traffic Club, Brno, Czech Republic, transport.
Czech Society of Cyclists, 1880s-, Bohemia.


Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association (DORBA), Dallas TX, trails.
Dansk Cyklist Forbund (DCF), 1905-, Copenhagen, Denmark, source, transport, touring, 25,000 members in 1980, Cyklister.
Davis Bike Club, Davis CA, recreation, Changing Gears.
Dawn to Dusk Mountain Bike Club, Sierra Vista AZ, trails.
Daytona Bicycle Club, Ormond Beach FL.
Dayton Cycling Club, 1961, Dayton OH, touring, sport, trails, Spoke `N Link.
Dead Messenger Society, 1990, New York NY, courier.
Decatur Freewheelers, Decatur IL.
De Kalb County Bicycle Club, De Kalb IL.
Delaware Cycling Club, Delaware OH.
Delaware Valley Bicycle Club, Drexel Hill PA.
Delft Student Cycling Club (WTOS), Delft, Holland, sport.
Delmarva Bicycle Club, Dover DE, recreation, Delaware-Maryland-Virginia.
Delta Pedalers, Antioch CA.
Denver Bicycle Touring Club, Denver CO, recreation, 2,100 members in 1990.
Desert Ratz Mountain Bike Club, El Paso TX, trails.
Desford Lane Pedallers Veteran Cycle Club, Ratby, Leicestershire, England, collectors.
Des Moines Bicycle Club, Des Moines IA.
Deutsche Initiative Mountain Bike (DIMB), Freiburg, Germany, trails.
Deutscher Radsport Verband der DDR (DRV), 1947-1989, Berlin, governed IOC- and UCI-sanctioned racing in East Germany.
Diablo Cyclists, Walnut Creek CA.
Die Bambusradler (the Bamboo Cyclists), 1898, Vienna, bamboo bikes.
Different Spokes San Francisco, 1982-, San Francisco CA, recreation, sport, open sexual orientation club.
Different Spokes of Southern California, 1983, Los Angeles CA, recreation, sport, 240 members in 1995.
Dirty Dog Mud Club, Plymouth NH, trails.
Disciples of Dirt-Eugene Off-Road Cyclists, Eugene OR, trails.
Dr. Paul Dudley White Bicycle Club, 1962-, Homestead, FL, recreation.
Dogs at Large Velo, Colorado Springs CO.
Dopravn Klub Czech and Slovakia (CSFR), Brno, Czech, transport.
Douglass Bicycle Club, 1890s-, Indianapolis IN, sport, african-americans.
Duchess & Beyond Bicycle Club, Pleasant Valley NY, touring.
Dunnville Bicycle Club, 1897, Dunnville, Ontario, Canada, recreation.


Eagle Cycling Club, Napa CA.
Earth Corps, Winnipeg, Canada, transport.
Earth Riders Mountain Bicycle Club, Kansas City MO.
Earth Works, Jamaica Plane MA, transport.
East Bay Bicycle Coalition (EBBC), 1972-, Oakland CA, transport, advocacy, source, 300 members and clubs in 1990.
East Bay Nation of Men Cyclists, Alameda CA, recreation.
East Coast Bicycle Club, Bayville NJ.
East Coast Greenway Alliance, 1989, New York NY, trails.
East End Cycle Team, Bellport NY, sport.
Eastern Fat Tire Association (EFTA), 1991-, Medford NJ, trails, sport.
Eastern New York Fat Tire Club, Fishkill NY, trails.
Eastern Virginia Mountain Bike Association, Newport News VA, trails.
Echte Nederlandse Fietserbond (ENFB), 1975-, Woerden, NL, source, transport, touring.
Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club (EBTC), Edmonton, Canada, touring, Spokes.
Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society, Edmonton, Alberta, transport, member-supported repair shop, Bikeworks.
Elbow Valley Cycle Club, Calgary, Alberta, touring, transport.
Electric City Cycling Club, Anderson SC, recreation.
Elite Ladies' Cycling Club, 1934-1970, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, recreation, sport.
Elmhurst Bicycle Club, Elhurst IL.
Emerald City Bicycle Club, Dublin GA.
Emerald Coast Cyclist Club, Niceville FL.
Emerald Tea & Cycling Society, Seattle WA.
Emerald Velo, OR, sport.
Emporia Bicycle Club, Emporia VA.
En Avant Velo, Highland Park NJ.
Energia Verde (Green Energy), San Juan, Puerto Rico, transport.
English Schools Cycling Association, 1967, Suffolk, England, youth touring, sport.
Erster Berlin (First Berlin), 1881-, Berlin, Germany, recreation. Formerly Berlin Bicycle Club.
Eugene Bicycle Coalition, Eugene OR, advocacy.
Eureka Silver State Cyclists, Eureka NV.
Eurbike (Centre Europeu de Documentacio i Promocio de la Bicicleta, 1993, Barcelona, Spain.
European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA), Paris, industry.
European Cycling Union (ECU), sport.
European Cyclists' Federation (ECF), 1983-, Strasbourg, France, source, transport, advocacy.
European Triathlon Union (ETU), sport.
Evanston Bicycle Club, 1971, Evanston IL, touring.
Everglades Bicycle Club, South Miami FL, recreation, sport.
Eyecycle, 1992-, Los Angeles CA, recreation, visually-impaired.


Fairbanks Bicycle Advocacy Group, Fairbanks AK.
Fairbanks Cycle Club, Fairbanks AK.
Fair Go For Cyclists!, Hobart, Tasmania, transport, advocacy.
Family Cycling Club, 1980-, Bridgeton NJ, recreation, advocacy.
Fast & Fabulous Cyclists, New York NY.
Fat Man's Bicycle Club, 1890s, Brooklyn NY, recreation, members weigh over 250 pounds.
Fats in the Cats Bicycle Club, Kingston NY, trails.
Fat Tire Flyers, Notting Hill, Australia, trails.
Fat Trackin Homies, 1994, Carmel IN, trails.
Federao Portuguesa de Cicloturismo e Utlizadores de Bicicleta (FPCU), Lisbon, Portugal, source, touring, transport.
Federal Bicycle Council, 1976-, Washington DC, advocacy.
Federation Belge du Cyclotourisme (FBC), Bruxelles, Belgium, touring, 8,000 members in 295 clubs.
Fdration Franaise de Cyclotourisme (FFCT), 1923-, Paris, touring, source, 110,000 members from 3,000 clubs in 1990. Formerly Fdration Franaise des Socits de Cyclotourisme, 1890s.
Fdration Francaise des Usagers de la Bicyclette (FUBICY), 1980-, Strasbourg, France, transport, advocacy.
Fdration des Industries des Equipments pour Vehicules (FIEV), Paris, industry.
Fdration Qubecoise des Sports Cyclistes, Montral, Canada, regional sport.
Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta (FIAB) (Friends of the bike in Italy), transport.
Fellowship of Cycling Old-Timers, 1965-, Surrey, England, recreation, sport. Formerly Fellowship of Old Time Cyclists, 1916-.
FIDESZ-Kerk-Prosan Szp az let Alaptvny (Budapest Bicycle Transportation Committee), 1990-, Budapest, Hungary, transport.
Fietserbond, Berchem, Belgium, transport, advocacy.
Fietserbond. See Echte Nederlandse Fietserbond.
Fietserinfo, Zaventem, Belgium, touring, source.
Fiets Overleg Vlanderen (FOV), Antwerpen, Belgium, transport, association.
Fietskaart Informatie Stichting (Cyclemap Foundation), Utrecht, Netherlands.
Finger Lakes Cycling Club, Ithaca NY.
First Chinese Bicycling Club of Philadelphia, 1890s, Philadelphia PA, recreation, asian-americans.
Fisk Bicycle Club, 1917, USA, recreation.
Fitchburg Cycling Club, Lunenburg MA.
Five Borough Bicycle Club-AYH (5BBC), 1991-, New York NY, touring.
Flat City Cycling Club, Minneapolis MN, sport.
Flathead Valley Bicycle Club, Kalispell MT, recreation, trails, 50 members, As The Wheel Turns.
Florida Bicycle Association, Tampa FL, recreation, sport.
Florida Freewheelers, Longwood FL, recreation.
Florida BMX Association, 1975-, Clearwater FL, sport.
Folding Society, Castle Cary, England, folding bikes.
Folks on Spokes Bike Club, 1977, Park Forest IL, touring, 250 members in 1995, The Spokin' Word.
Foothill Cycle Club, Rosemead CA.
Foothill Striders, Maryville TN.
Ford Cycling Club, Belleville MI.
Forest Knolls Freewheelers, Forest Knolls CA.
Fort Dix Bicycle Club, Fort Dix NJ.
Fort Qu'Appelle Cycling Club, 1890s, Saskatchewan, Canada, recreation.
Fort Worth Bicycling Association, 1970, Fort Worth TX, transport, sport, Paceline.
Fox Valley Bicycle Club, Saint Charles IL.
Franklin-Hampshire Freewheelers, Easthampton MA.
Frederick Pedalers Bike Club, Frederick MD.
Fredericksburg Cyclists, Fredericksburg VA.
Fredrikshofs Cykel, Sollentuna, Sweden, recreation, Hjulia & Hjulius.
Freestate Derailleurs, Baltimore MD, recreation.
Free Yourself from Henry Ford, 1986-, Allentown PA, transport.
Fremont Freewheelers, Fremont CA, recreation, 250 members in 1990.
Fresno Cycling Club, 1963, Fresno CA, recreation, 700 members in 1995, The Rough Draft.
Friction Racing, Madison WI, sport.
Friends of City Cycling Budapest, Budapest, Hungary, transport.
Friends of the Earth (FOE), 1971-, London, transport.
Fullerton Bicycle Advocacy Coalition (FullBAC), Fullerton CA, advocacy.


Gainesville Cycling Club, Gainesville FL, Gainesville Cyclist.
Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club, Bozeman MT.
Garden City Cyclists, Santa Clara CA.
Garden Island Bicycle Association, Lihue HI.
Garnished Ace Society, Neffs PA, trails.
Gaston County Cyclists, Belmont NC.
Gear Pushers Bicycle Club, Fairmont WV.
Genesee Wanderers Bicycle Club, Flint MI.
German Bicycle Sports Club, Bayville NY, sport.
German Cycling Federation, 1890s-, Germany, association, recreation, sport.
Germantown Bicycle Club, 1870s-, Philadelphia PA.
Georgia Bicycle Federation, Marietta GA, advocacy.
Gila Trails Association, Payson AZ, trails.
Glasgow Cycling Campaign, 1990, Glasgow, Scotland, transport.
Gold Coast Velo Club, Glen Cove NY.
Golden Gate Triathlon Club, San Francisco CA, sport.
Golden Triangle Cyclists, Port Arthur TX.
Goleta Valley Cycling Club, Goleta CA, recreation, South Coast Breeze.
Gotham City Velo Club, Port Chester NY.
Grand-Ma MTB Club, Poggibonsi, Sicily, Italy, trails.
Grand Trunk Railway Amateur Athletic Association Wheelmen, 1890s, Toronto, Canada, recreation.
Granite State Wheelmen, Salem NH, recreation, 1,200 members in 1990, Pedal Talk.
Greater Arizona Bicycling Association, 1975, Tucson AZ, recreation, advocacy, 1,000 members in 1995.
Greater Dallas Bicyclists Association, Dallas TX, recreation, transport.
Greater Eugene Area Riders, Eugene OR.
Greater Manchester Cycling Project, Manchester, England, transport.
Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition.
Greater Waterbury Cycling Club, Prospect CT, touring.
Greatful Tread, 1994, Yakima WA, trails, 115 members.
Great Miami Bicycle Club, Hamilton OH.
Great Plains Bicycling Club, Lincoln NE.
Greenbelt Bicycle Coalition, Greenbelt MD, advocacy.
Green Mountain Bicycle Association, Williston VT.
Green River Bicycle Club, Auburn WA.
Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club, Greenville SC.
Grizzly Peak Cyclists, Berkeley CA.
Grizzly Ridge Riders (GRR), Sandpoint ID, trails.
Ground Zero, Washingtonville NY, sport.
Groupe de Recherche et d'Action des Cyclistes Quotidiens (GRACQ), 1975-, Bruxelles, Belgium, source, transport, advocacy.
Grne Radler, 1979-, Krefeld, Germany, transport, environmental.
Gruppo Sportivo Castello, Como, Italy, sport.
G.S. Park Ridge, Park Ridge NJ, sport.
G.S. Tiburon, Monsey NY, sport.
Gwinnett Touring Club, Lawrenceville GA.


Haarlem Cycling Club, 1880s-, Haarlem, Netherlands, recreation, sport.
Hamilton Velo Club, Trenton NJ.
Hancock Handlebars, 1967, Findlay OH, touring, Handlebar.
Handlebar Club of the Workers of Corbeil, 1890s, France, advocacy.
Handlebar Helpers, Scottsdale AZ, recyclery.
Hand-Powered Cyclists of America, Cambridge MA, cycles, advocacy.
Hanover Cyclers, Hanover PA, recreation.
Harbors Bicycle Club, Aberdeen WA.
Hardcore Canadian Mountain Bikers, Edmonton, Canada, trails.
Harlem Wheelmen, 1930-, New York NY, recreation, sport.
Harrisburg Bicycle Club, New Cumberland PA, recreation.
Harrison County Bicycle Club, Fairmont WV.
Hat City Cyclists, 1985, Bethel CT, recreation.
Hatfield Man-Powered Aircraft Club, 1960-, Hatfield, England, cycles, human-powered aircraft.
Hawaii Bicycling League, Honolulu HI, recreation, 800 members in 1990.
Hawkeye Bicycle Association, Cedar Rapids IA, recreation.
Heart of Ohio Tailwinds Bicycle Club, Marion OH.
Heather Bell Ladies Cycling Club, 1960s, United States, recreation.
Helena Bicycle Club, 1982, Helena MT, recreation, advocacy.
Helsingin Polkupyrilijyhdistys (HePo), 1981-, Helsinki, Finland, transport, touring.
Hertfordshire Pedal Aeronauts, 1965-, Herts, England, cycles, human-powered aircraft.
High Country Mountain Bike Association (HCMBA), Blowing Rock NC, trails.
Highland Rimmers Bicycle Club, Tullahoma TN.
Highline Bicycle Club, Seattle WA.
Hill Country Cyclist, Boerne TX.
Hocking Hills Bicycle Club, Logan OH.
Hong Kong Tour Cycling Association, Kowloon, Hong Kong, recreation, sport.
Houston Area Bicyclist Alliance, Houston TX, advocacy.
Houston Area Mountain Bike Riders Association (HAMBRA), Houston TX, trails.
Houston Bike Club, Houston TX, recreation.
Houston Off-Road Bicycle Association, Houston TX, trails.
HPV Klub Danmark, Copenhagen, Denmark, cycles, human-powered vehicles, affiliate of Dansk Cyklist Forbund.
The Hub Club, Marlboro NJ.
Hudson Cycling Club, Fort Lee NJ.
Hudson's Bay Cycling Club, 1890, Fort Garry, Canada.
Hudson Valley Velo Club, Wappinger Falls NY.
Human Powered Transit Association (HPTA), Van Nuys CA, transport.
Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters (HBBC), Eureka CA, transport.
Hungarian Bicycle Tourists Federation, Budapest, Hungary, touring.
Huntington Bicycle Club, Huntington Station NY.


I Cicclopici, Milan, Italy, transport.
IG Velo Schweiz-Interessengemeinshaft Velo, 1975-, Basel, Switzerland, transport, association.
Illinois Valley Wheelm'n, Peoria IL.
1Independent Courier Association, 1986, New York NY, courier.
Indiana Bicycle Coalition, Indianapolis IN, advocacy.
Indy Cyclepaths Mountain Bike Club, Carmel IN, trails.
Iowa Valley Bike Club, Marshalltown IA.
Island Racing Club, East Northport NY, sport.
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), New York NY, development, source.
In Tandem, London, recreation, tandems for visually-impaired.
Interbike, Laguna Beach CA, trade.
Inter-Club Amateur Cycle Road Racing League, 1912-1919, New York NY. See United States Cycling Federation (USCF).
Intermediate Technology (IT), London, England, development, cycles, source.
International Association of Cycling Journalists, 1980s-, sports press.
International Association of Sport for the Mentally Handicapped (INAS-FMH).
International Bicycle Fund (IBF), Seattle WA, transport, development.
International Bicycle Touring Advisors, Lynnwood WA, touring.
International Bicycle Touring Society, 1964-, La Jolla CA, touring.
International Blind Sports Association (IBSA), Madrid, Spain, sport.
International Christian Cycling Club, Denver CO, touring, eight countries in 1992.
International Federation of Cycle Messengers and Companies (IFCMC), Berlin, Germany, advocacy.
International Human-Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA), 1975-, Indianapolis IN, cycles, design, sport governing body.
International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), 1988-, Boulder CO, trails, advocacy.
International Paralympic Committee (IPC), sport, Paralympic Games.
International Police Mountain Bike Association, 1992-, Baltimore MD, education, advocacy; affiliate of League of American Bicyclists.
International Randonneurs-North America, Syracuse NY, touring, randonnees.
International Sport Organization for the Disabled (ISOD).
International Stoke Mandeville Wheelchair Sports Federation (ISMWSF).
International Triathlon Union (ITU), sport.
International Unicycling Federation (IUF), Redford MI, recreation, sport, governing body.
Irish Cycling Federation (ICF), 1968-, Leixlip, Kildare.
Irish Cycling Tripartite Committee.
Iron Mountain Ridge Runners Bicycle Club, Abingdon VA, trails.
Israel Association of BMX and Hill-Country Cycling, Tel Aviv, Israel, trails, touring, sport.
Israel Cycling Association, Tel Aviv, Israel, recreation, sport.
Israel Cyclists' Touring Club, 1972-, Kefar Saba, Israel, touring.
Israel National Bicycle Riders' Club, Tel Aviv, Israel, transport.


Jackson County Wheelmen, Lee's Summit MO.
Jaeger Wheelmen Club, Trenton NJ, sport.
James River Velo Sport, Hampton VA, sport.
Japan Bicycle Manufacturers Association, Tokyo, industry.
Japan Bicycle Industry Association, 1948-, Tokyo, industry.
Japan Bicycle Promotion Institute (JBPI), 1964-, Tokyo, industry, recreation, sport, Bicycle Technical Center, Cycle Sports Centers.
Japan Bicycle Road Development Association, Tokyo.
Japan Kei-rin Association, 1957-, governs Kei-rin parimutuel racing.
Japan Mountain Bike Association, Tokyo, sport, trails.
Jersey Rock n Road, Montague NJ, sport.
Jersey Shore Touring Society, Red Bank NJ, touring.
Jersey Velo Sport, Sewell NJ.
Johnson County Bicycle Club, Shawnee Mission KS.
Joliet Bicycle Club, Joliet IL, recreation.
Jonesboro Bicycling Club, State University AR.
Juneau Freewheelers Bicycle Club, Juneau AK, sport, advocacy, 85 members in 1995.
Justice for Messengers, 1994, New York NY, courier union.


Kalamazoo Bicycle Club, Kalamazoo MI.
Kansas City Bicycle Club, 1963, Kansas City MO, recreation, transport, 400 members in 1995.
Kauai Bicycle Club, Princeville HI.
Kaw Valley Bicycle Touring Club, Topeka KS, recreation.
Kentucky Trailmen, Louisville KY, trails.
Kennessee Bicycle Club, Clarksville TN.
Keokuk Bike Club, Keokuk IA.
Kerrville Bicycle Club, Kerrville TX.
Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club (KMBC), Danville IL.
Kicking Asphalt, Columbus OH.
Kids on Bikes.
Killington Pico Cycling Club, Pittsfield VT.
Kingsport Bicycle Association, Kingsport TN.
Kirksville Bicycle Club, Kirksville MO.
Kisatchie Bicycle Club, Alexandria LA.
Kissena Cycling Club, White Plains NY, sport.
Klah Klahnee Cycling Club, Bend OR.
Klein Club, Chehalis WA, bike owners.
Knickerbikers of San Diego County, La Jolla CA, recreation.
Knobby by Nature, Grants Pass OR, trails.
Knox Mountain Bikers, Southwick MA, trails.
Komoka Off-Road Bicycle Rider Association, Edmonton, Canada.
Koninklijke Nederlandse Toeristenbond (ANWB), s'Gravenhage, Netherlands, touring, 2.8 million members in 1990.
Koolau Pedalers Cycling Club, Kaneohe HI.


Lackawanna Bicycle Club, Dunmore PA.
LaCrosse Wheelmen, La Crosse WI, recreation.
Lady Cyclists' Association, 1892, London.
Laguna Rads, Laguna Beach CA, trails.
Lake City Cyclists, Lake Charles LA.
Lake Erie Wheelers, Cleveland OH.
Lakeshore Pedalers, Manitowoc WI, recreation.
Lallement Memorial Committee, 1990-, Boston MA, cycles, honoring Pierre Lallement.
Lancaster Bicycle Club, Lancaster PA, touring, transport, The Pedaller.
Laramie Bicycling Association, Laramie WY, advocacy.
Lassen Velo, Susanville CA.
Las Vegas Valley Bicycle Club, Las Vegas NV.
Law Enforcement Cycling Association, 1985, Winston-Salem NC, 600 members in 1995, Paceline.
Lawrence Bicycle Club (LBC), 1969, Lawrence KS, recreation.
League of American Bicyclists (LAB), 1880-, Baltimore MD, recreation, transport, advocacy, Bicycle USA. Formerly League of American Wheelmen (LAW), 1880-1942, Boston, 1965-1994, governed amateur racing in U.S. 18801899.
League of Australian Wheelmen, Footscray, Victoria, sport. Formerly League of Victorian Wheelmen.
League of Illinois Bicyclists (LIB), Highland Park IL, advocacy.
League of Iowa Bicyclists, Des Moines IA, advocacy.
League of Michigan Bicyclists, Lansing MI, advocacy.
Leavenworth Bicycle Club, Leavenworth KS.
Lebanon Valley Bicycle Club, Annville PA, recreation.
LeFleur's Bluff Bicycle Club, Jackson MS.
Lehigh Valley Road and Trail Cycling Club, New Tripoli PA, Fast and Dirty.
Lehigh Wheelmen Association, Bethlehem PA, recreation, Quick Release.
Le Monde Bicyclette, 1975-, Montreal, Canada, transport, advocacy, Le Monde Bicyclette.
Les Cyclotouristes Grenoblois, Grenoble, France, touring.
Letzebuerger Velos Initiativ (LVI), 1984-, Luxembourg, transport.
Liberty Wheelmen, 1890s, Brooklyn NY, recreation.
Licking County Bicycle Club, Newark OH.
Liverpool Velocipede Club, 1869-, Liverpool, England, recreation.
Lock Haven University Cycling, Loch Haven PA.
London Bicycle Club, 1880s-, London, recreation, sport.
London Cycling Campaign (LCC), 1978-, London, transport, advocacy, source, 7,000 members in 1993.
London Tricycle Club, 1880-, London, recreation, sport.
Lone Star Cyclists, Grand Prairie TX, touring, 200 members.
Long Island Bicycle Club, Freeport NY.
Long Island Wheelmen's Association, West Babylon NY.
Long Sutton and District Veteran Cycle Club, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, England, collectors.
Longview Bicycle Club, Longview TX.
Loose Assemblage of South East Recumbent Riders (LASERR), Daytona Beach FL, recreation.
Lorain Wheelmen, Amherst OH.
Los Altos Dirt Bikers, Menlo Park CA, trails.
Los Angeles South Bay Bicycle Advocates, Los Angeles CA, advocacy.
Los Angeles Wheelmen, Alhambra CA, touring, 700 members in 1990.
Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club, Los Gatos CA, sport.
Loughborough Students Cycling Club, Loughborough, England.
Louisville Wheelmen, Louisville KY, recreation, sport.
Low Impact Mountain Bicyclists (LIMB), Missoula MT, trails.
Lowndes Area Bicycle Club, Valdosta GA.


McClean County Wheelers, Bloomington IL.
McDonnell Douglas Corporation Bicycle Club (MDCBC), 1973, Saint Charles MO, touring, The Banner.
McDonnell Douglas Mountain Bike Club, Monrovia CA, trails.
McHenry County Bicycle Club, 1982, Crystal Lake IL, recreation, advocacy, McHenry County Pedaler.
Mach 5 Cycling Club, New York NY, sport.
Mad About Cycling, Falmouth MA, advocacy.
Maine Bicycle Trails Association.
Maine Freewheelers, Bar Harbor ME.
Maine Wheels Bicycle Club, South Paris ME.
Major Taylor Cycling Club, Palo Alto CA, education, recyclery.
Mammoth Area Mountain Bike Organization (MAMBO), Mammoth Lakes CA, trails.
Manchester University Racing Team, Manchester, England, sport.
Manitoba Cycling Association, Winnipeg, Canada, recreation.
Manitoba Cycling Club, 1950s, Winnipeg, Canada, sport.
Man-Powered Aircraft Committee-Royal Aeronautic Society (MAPAC), 1957-, Royal Air Force College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, England.
Manteca Bicycle Club, Manteca CA, recreation.
Maple City Bicycling Club, La Porte IN.
Marina del Rey Cycling Club, Los Angeles CA.
Marin Cyclists, San Rafael CA.
Marketing Cycling to Women, 1993-, Boulder CO, trade.
Maryland Mountain Biking Club, Ellicott City MD, trails.
Marymoor Velodrome Association, Redmond WA, sport.
Massachusetts Bicycle Club, 1880-, Boston MA, recreation.
Massapequa Park Bicycle Club, Bethpage NY.
Mass Bay Road Club, Plymouth MA.
Maui Bicycle Club, Kahului HI, recreation.
Mauka Bike Club, Honolulu HI.
Medicine Wheel, Colorado Springs CO, trails.
Medina County Bicycle Club, Medina OH.
Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club, Melbourne, Australia, touring.
Memphis Hightailers, Memphis TN.
Mercury Wheel Club, 1890s, Long Island NY, recreation, competition for best-illuminated bicycle.
Merrymeeting Wheelers Bicycle Club, Brunswick ME.
Methodist Cycling Club, 1890s, Newfoundland, Canada.
Methow Valley Sport Trail Association, Winthrop WA, trails.
Metro Dade Off-Road Bicycle Club Hialeah FL, trails.
Metropole Cycling Club, 1941, Montreal, Canada, touring.
Metropolitan Cycling Association (MCA), New York, NY, sport.
Metropolitan Methodist Church Bicycle Club, 1890s.
Mettabessett Cycle Club, East Berlin CT.
Miami Valley Regional Bicycle Council, Dayton OH, transport.
Michaux Cycle Club, 1895-, New York NY, social club, members included Rockefeller, Vanderbuilt, Gould.
Michiana Bicycling Association, 1973, Granger IN, recreation.
Michigan Human-Powered Vehicle Association, MI, cycles, sport.
Michigan Mountain Biking Association (MMBA), Waterford MI, trails.
Michigan United Tandem Society (MUTS), Hudsonville MI, recreation.
Mid-America Bicycle Club, Kearney NE.
Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts, Centreville VA, trails.
Middlesex Bicycle Club, Middletown CT, touring, sport.
Middlesex Fells Mountain Bike Patrol, Cambridge MA.
Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club, 1966, Poughkeepsie NY, recreation, 400 members in 1995, Pedaler's Pulse.
Mid-Ohio Bikers, Lexington OH.
Midwest Mountain Bike Club, St. Louis MO, trails.
Millsaps Bicycle Club, Jackson MS.
Milpitas Bicycle Club, Milpitas CA.
Minnesota Coalition of Bicyclists, St. Paul MN, trails, advocacy.
Minnesota Cycling Federation, Minneapolis MN.
Minnesota Human-Powered Vehicle Association, St. Louis Park MN.
Minnesota Pedal Power Camp, St. Paul MN, education, advocacy.
Missing Link Bicycle Club, Paris TN.
Missoula Bicycle Club, 1976-, Missoula MT, recreation, transport, 300 members in 1990.
Missouri Bicycle Federation, Jefferson City MO.
Mohawk-Hudson Cycling Club, 1969, Albany NY, recreation, 1,000 members in 1995, Bikeabout. Formerly Mohawk-Hudson Wheelmen.
Monroe County Cycling Club, Monroe MI.
Monterey Mountain Bicycle Association (MOMBA), Pacific Grove CA, trails.
Montgomery Bicycle Club, Montgomery AL.
Montgomery County Mountain Bike Association, Schwenksville PA, trails.
Monticello Velo Club, VA, sport.
Montreal Bicycle Club, 1878, Montreal, Canada.
Moonbeams, 1960s, Florida, tricycling recreation.
Moon Saddle Bicycle Club, Wallace ID.
Morris Area Freewheelers, Morris Plains NJ.
Morris Velo Sports Club, Summit NJ, sport.
Moscow Area Mountain Bike Association, Moscow ID, trails.
Moscow Society of Velocipede Lovers, 1890s, Moscow, Russia, recreation.
Moulton Bicycle Club, Dudley, England, 900 members in 1995, Moultoneer.
Moulton Preservation, London, England, cycles.
Mountain Bicycle Resource Group, Eugene OR, University of Oregon, recreation.
Mountain Bicyclists Association, 1977-, Denver CO, source, transport, advocacy.
Mountain Bike Association of Arizona (MBAA), Phoenix AZ, trails.
Mountain Bike Club, Lompoc CA, trails.
Mountain Bike Club Finland, Espoo, Finland, trails.
Mountain Bike Club Italiano, Milan, Italy, trails.
Mountain Bike Lawrence, Lawrence KS, trails.
Mountain Bikers of Alaska, Anchorage AK, trails.
Mountain Bikers of Vermont, Waterbury VT, trails.
Mountain Bike Team of New England, Waverly MA, sport.
Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers, Goleta CA, trails.
Mountain/Road Biking Association, Rocky Flats (MRBARF) Arvada CO.
Mountain State Wheelers Bicycle Club, South Charleston WV.
Mountain Trails Bicycle Club, Nashville TN, trails.
Mount Baker Bicycle Club, Bellingham WA.
Mount Desert Island Bicycle Association (MDIBA), Bar Harbor ME, advocacy.
Mount Jefferson Century Flyers, West Jefferson NC.
Mount Prospect Bicycle Club, Mount Prospect IL.
Mount Wilson Bicycle Association, San Marino CA, trails, advocacy.
Movement pour la Defense de la Bicyclette (MDB), 1990-, Paris, transport, advocacy.
Movimiento Bicicletero, 1989-, Mexico City, Mexico, transport, advocacy.
Mud Creek Mountainbikers, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, trails.
Municipal Coordinating Committee for Overseas Bicycle Assistance, 1989, Japan, recycling, development.
Murfreesboro Bicycle Club, Murfreesboro TN, sport.
Muskegon Bicycle Club, Muskegon MI.


Naga All Terrain Bikers Association (NATBA), Naga City, Philipines.
Nantahalla Bike Club, Bryson City NC.
Naperville Bicycle Club, Naperville IL.
Narragansett Bay Wheelmen, Providence RI, recreation.
Nashoba Valley Pedalers, Acton MA, recreation, Pedalings.
Nashville Bicycle Club, Nashville TN, touring, transport, Link.
Nassau Wheelmen's Association, Westbury NY.
National Association of Bicycle Racers, Superior CO, sport.
National Bicycle Center, Redmond WA, recreation, education.
National Bicycle Club Network, Missoula MT, Bikecentennial directory.
National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA), 1946-, Costa Mesa CA, trade.
National Bicycle History Archive of America, 1992-, Santa Ana CA, cycles, history.
National Bicycle League (NBL), Hilliard OH, BMX racing, 18,000 members in 1992.
National Bicycle Registry, Sacramento CA, database.
National Bike Club, Birmingham, England, transport, recreation; affiliate of Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).
National BMX Association, Wigan, England, BMX racing.
National Capitol Velo Club, Silver Spring MD, recreation, sport, Velo Voice.
National Clarion Cycling Club-Clarion Fellowship, 1894-, England, recreation, transport.
National Collegiate Cycling Association (NCCA), Colorado Springs CO, governs USCF-sanctioned collegiate racing in U.S.
National Cycle League (NCL), 1989-, New York NY, city-based league.
National Cycling Association (NCA), 1893-1920, Philadelphia PA, governed amateur road and track racing in U.S.
National Cyclists' Union (NCU), 1883-1959, London, governed IOC- and UCI-sanctioned racing in U.K. Formerly Bicycle Union 1878-1883.
National Handicapped Sports (NHS), 1967, Rockville MD.
National Handicapped Sports and Recreation Association, Washington DC.
National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA), 1983-, Colorado Springs CO, governs UCI-sanctioned mountain bike racing in U.S.
National Safe Kids Campaign, Washington DC, education.
National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), Mount Prospect IL, industry.
National Wheelchair Athletic Association (NWAA), 1956, Colorado Springs CO.
Native American Cycle Team, Ohio, touring, sport.
Nebraska Ruff Riders, Omaha NE, trails.
Nederlandse Rijwiel Toer Unie (NRTU), 1956-, Veenedaal, Netherlands, touring; affiliate of Alliance Internationale de Tourisme.
Nelson Bicycling Alliance, Afton VA.
Nepal Mountain Biking Association, Kathmandu, Nepal, trails.
New England Cycling Support Association, Westport MA, sport.
New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA), Boston MA, trails.
Newfoundland and Labrador Cycling Association, St. John's, Canada, recreation, transport.
New Hampshire Mountain Bicycling Association, Ashland NH, trails.
New Jersey BMX Association, Perth Amboy NJ.
New Jersey Cycling Conservation Club, Rumson NJ.
New Orleans Bicycle Club, New Orleans LA, sport.
New River Valley Bicycle Club, Blacksburg VA.
New South Wales Cycling Federation, Sydney, Australia, sport.
New York Athletic Club Cycling Club, 1880s-, New York NY, sport, recreation. Formerly NYAC Velocipede Club.
New York City All Terrain Cycling Association, New York NY, trails, sport.
New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC), 1991, Albany NY, advocacy.
New York Cycle Club (NYCC), 1936-, New York NY, recreation, sport.
New York Express, New Paltz NY, sport.
New Zealand Cyclists, Aukland, New Zealand, transport, recreation.
New Zealand Cyclists' Alliance, 1880s- New Zealand.
New Zealand Mountain Bike Association, Timaru, New Zealand, trails.
Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club, Buffalo NY.
Norcape Bushbikers, Australia, trails.
North Carolina Bicycle Club, Raleigh NC.
North Carolina Bicycle Federation, Wilmington NC, advocacy.
North Carolina Fats Mountain Bike Club, Raleigh NC, trails.
North County Bicycle Club, San Marcos CA.
North County Cycling Club, Atascadero CA.
Northeast Alabama Bike Club, Weaver AL.
Northeast Bicycle Club, Bedford MA, sport.
Northeastern Ohio Mountain Bike Association (NOMBA), North Olmstead OH, trails.
Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association, Berkeley CA, sport.
Northern Ireland Cycling Federation, Belfast, sport.
North Florida Bicycle Club, Jacksonville FL.
North Iowa Touring Club, Mason City IA.
North Jersey Bicycle Club, Glen Spey NY, sport.
North Jeresy Mountain Bike Club, Edgewater NJ, trails.
North Jersey Women's Bicycle Club, Bogota NJ, sport.
North Raleigh Mountain Biking Association, Raleigh NC, trails.
North Road Cycling Club, 1880s-, England, touring.
North Roads Bicycle Club, Rice Lake WI, recreation.
North Shore Cyclists (NSC), Burlington MA, Chain of Events.
North Texas Alliance of Bicycle Leaders (NOTABLE), Richardson TX, recreation, advocacy.
Northwest Airlines Cycling Club, Saint Paul MN, recreation, The Flyer.
Northwest Bicycle Federation (NowBike), 1987, Seattle WA, advocacy, NowBike Memo.
Northwest Bicycle Touring Society, Mercer Island WA, touring.
Northwest Cycling Club, Houston TX.
Northwest Human Powered Vehicle Association (NWHPVA), 1985-, Seattle WA, cycles.
Northwest Mountain Bikers, Tacoma WA, trails.
Norwich Cycling Campaign, 1990, Norwich, England, advocacy.
Norwood Paragons, 1920s, London, sport.


Oak Park Cycle Club, Oak Park IL, sport, transport, 200 members.
Ocala Mountain Bike Association, Brandon FL, trails.
Off-Road Bicyclists of Arizona, Mesa AZ, trails.
Ohio Bicycle Federation, Dayton OH, transport, recreation.
OK Bicycle Society, Oklahoma City OK, recreation, transport.
Okie Extremes Mountain Bike Club, Bethany OK, trails.
Oklahoma Bicycle Coalition Norman OK, advocacy.
Oklahoma Bicycle Society, Oklahoma City OK.
Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship, Bethany OK.
Olean Cycling Club, Olean NY.
Old Park Cycling Club, 1890s, Chicago IL, $50,000 headquarters in 1890s.
Olympic Peninsula Bicyclists, Port Angeles WA, recreation.
Omaha Pedalers Bicycle Club, Omaha NE.
Omnium Club, 1895, Paris.
Onondaga Cycling Club, Syracuse NY, recreation, advocacy, Spoke'N Word.
Ontario Coalition for Better Cycling, Ottawa, Canada, transport.
Ontario Cycling Association, 1975-, Willowdale, Canada, sport.
Ooivaar Cycling Club, 1885-, Haarlem, Holland.
Rad, 1990-, Austria, advocacy.
Orange County Bicycle Coalition (OCBC), Irvine CA, advocacy.
Orange County Bicycle Club, Warwick NY, recreation.
Orange County Trails Coalition (OCTC), Huntington Beach CA, trails.
Orange County Wheelmen, Orange CA, recreation, Chain Reaction.
L'Ordre des Cols Durs, 1960-, France, hillclimb enthusiasts; affiliate with L'Ordre des Cols Durs, 1966-, Cheshire, England.
Oregon Bicycle Racing Association, Portland OR, sport.
Oregon Human-Powered Vehicles (OHPV), Beaverton OR, cycles, recreation.
Orion-Volgograd Cyclist's Touring Club, Volgograd, Russia, recreation.
Osterreischiche Automobil, Motorrad und Touring Club, Vienna, Austria, touring.
Ottawa Bicycle Club, 1882, Ottawa, Canada, recreation, sport, The Spokesperson.
Outbike of New Jersey, Hackensack NJ, lesbian and gay recreation.
Outdoor Club of South Jersey, Mt. Laurel NJ.
Outdoor Living Association, St. Julian's, Malta, recreation.
Out-Spokin' Wheelmen, Youngstown OH.
Over Mount and Vale Club, 1890-, Kleve, Germany, touring, trails.
Over the Bars Mountain Bike Club, Los Angeles CA, trails.
Oxford Mountain Bike Club, Bradford, Canada.
Oxford Universtiy Cycling Club, Oxford, England.
Oxnard-Ventura Bicycle Club, Oxnard CA.
Oxon Hill Bicycle & Trail Club, Oxon Hill MD.
Ozark Mountain Ridgeriders, Harrison AR, recreation.


Pacelines, Boston MA, recreation, gays and lesbians.
Palm Coast Flyers, Palm Coast FL.
Palmetto Cycling Coalition, Columbia SC, advocacy.
Palo Alto Cycling Club (PACC), 1972-, Palo Alto CA, recreation, sport.
Panama City Flyers Cycling Club, Panama City FL.
Paralyzed Veterans of America, Washington DC, source, recreation, sport.
Park Avenue Cyclists, Scotch Plains NJ.
Parnassus Bike Club, San Francisco CA.
Pasadena Mountain Bike Club, Altadena CA, trails, sport, advocacy.
Patuxent Area Cycling Enthusiasts (PACE), Solomons MD.
Paumonok Bicycle Club, Hicksville NY.
Pazzo Velo, Seattle WA, sport.
Pedal Clubs, Niddrie, Victoria, Australia, recreation.
Pedali Alpini, 1950-1985, Woodside CA, touring, sport.
Pedalibre, 1980-, Madrid, Spain, transport, advocacy, recreation.
Pedalizing Eritrea, 1995, Amara, Eritrea, women's development.
Pedal Power ACT (Australian Capital Territory), 1975-, Canberra, Australia, transport, recreation, advocacy, Canberra Cyclist.
Pedal Power Foundation of Southern Africa, 1978-, Cape Town, South Africa, recreation, advocacy.
Pedal Power Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, transport, advocacy.
Pedal Revolution, San Francisco CA, education.
Pedals for Progress, 1992, High Bridge NY, bike recycling, development.
Ped'lin Around, Lake Charles LA, recreation.
Peninsula Bicycling Association, 1965, Newport News VA, recreation.
Peninsula Cycle Club, Torrance CA.
Penn Association of Cycling Enthusiasts (PACE), Philadelphia PA, sport.
Penn Cycling Team, Philadelphia PA, Penn Cyclist.
Pennsylvania Bicycle Club, Fort Washington PA, recreation.
Pennsylvania Off-Road Bicycle Coalition, Doylestown PA, trails.
Penobscot Wheelmen, Alna ME.
Pensacola Freewheelers Bicycle Club, Pensacola FL.
People Power, 1991, Santa Cruz CA, transport, advocacy.
Peoria Bicycle Club, Peoria IL.
Pequot Cyclists, Gales Ferry CT, touring, sport.
Perimeter Bicycle Association, Tucson AZ, touring perimeters of mountains, cities, countries.
Peterborough Amateur Bicycle Club, 1874, Peterborough, England, sport.
Peterborough Vintage Cycle Club, Peterborough, England, collectors.
Pickwick Bicycle Club, 1870-, London, recreation, sport.
Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Club, Colorado Springs CO.
Pima Trails Association, Tucson AZ.
Pioneer Cycling Team, Chatham NJ, sport.
Pioneer Valley Racing Group, Longmeadow MA, sport.
Plains Crazy Road & Trail Club, Glendive MT, recreation.
Plano Bicycle Association, Plano TX.
Polk Area Bicycle Association, Lakeland FL.
Polski Klub Ekologinzny (Polish Ecological Club), Krakow, Poland, transport, advocacy.
Polskie Towarzystwo Turystyczno-Krajoznawcze (PTTK), Warsaw, Poland, touring; affiliate of Alliance Internationale de Tourisme.
Portland Area Bicycle Coalition, Portland OR, transport.
Portland United Mountain Pedalers (PUMP), Portland OR, trails.
Portland Wheelmen Touring Club, Portland OR, touring.
Post Office Cyclers, 1890s, Newark NJ, postal carriers.
Potomac Pedalers Touring Club (PPTC), McLean VA, touring.
Potternewton Cycling Club, 1890s-, Leeds, England.
Powerstrokes, Cambria Heights NY, sport.
Prairie Cycle Club, Champaign-Urbana IL, Prairie Cyclist.
Prairie Pedalers of Knox County, Knoxville IL.
Prince Edward Island Cycling Association, Montague PEI, Canada, recreation, sport.
Prince George Cycling Club, Prince George BC, Canada, recreation.
Princeton Freewheelers, Princeton NJ, recreation.
Procrastinating Pedalers of Reno, Reno NV, recreation.
Project Wheel, 1990, De Kalb IL, education, recyclery.
Promo Velo, Quebec, Canada, Le Bulletin.
Provo, 1960s, Amsterdam, Holland, advocacy.
Psycho Psyclists, Mesa AZ, ultrasport.
Puget Sound Cycling Club, WA, sport.
Purdue Calumet Cycling Club, Hammond IN.
Pursuit Cycle Club, Vorhees NJ.
Pushbikes, 1979-, Birmingham, England.


Quad Cities Bicycle Club, 1964, Davenport IA, touring, 1,000 members in 1995, Pedal Wheeling.
Quaker City Wheelmen, Philadephia PA, recreation.
Quebec Cycling Club, 1890s, Quebec City, Canada, touring.
Queen City Bicycle Club, Toronto, Canada revived 1920s, sport.
Queensland Cyclists Association, Chandler, Australia, sport.
Queens University of Belfast Mountain Bike Club, Belfast, Ireland.
Quincy Bicycle Club, Quincy IL.


Radsportverein Solothurn, Solothurn, Switzerland, sport.
Rail Riders of America, 1980-, Antrim NH, cycles, rail bikes, recreation.
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, 1986, Washington DC, trails, construction, 50,000 members in 1995.
Rainbow Cyclists, Carlsbad CA, recreation, gays and lesbians.
Ramapo Valley Cycling Club, Oakland NJ, recreation.
Ramblers Bicycle Club, 1890, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, touring, sport.
Randolph Wheel Club, Randolph VT.
Randonneurs Mondiaux, France, touring.
Rapid Wheelmen, Grand Rapids MI.
Rappahannock Bicycle Club, Bowling Green VT.
Rational Dress Association, 1880s, England.
Rational Dress League, 1890s, England.
Rational Dress Society, 1888, England.
Rawlins Bicycle Club, Rawlins WY, recreation.
Real Riders Mountain Bike Club, Paso Robles CA, trails.
Recreation for Individuals Dedicated to the Environment (RIDE), Chicago IL.
Recumbent Bicycle Club of America, 1990-, Renton WA, cycles, recreation.
Recycle Cycles, Waterloo, Canada, education, recyclery.
Recycle Ithaca's Bicycles, Ithaca NY, recyclery.
Redlands Water Bottle Transit, Redlands CA, touring, sport.
Red Mountian Cycling Club, Chandler AZ.
Red Rock Pathways, Sedona AZ, trails.
Redwing Cycle Club, 1930s, Canada.
Regional Bicycle Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Bay Area (REBAC), 1986-, Oakland CA, transport, planning.
Reno Wheelmen, Reno NV, recreation, sport, Greg LeMond's first club.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Cycling Club, Troy NY, sport.
Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers (ROMP), 1988-, Campbell CA, trails, advocacy.
Responsible Organized Mountain Pedallers (ROMP), Zonnerbloem, South Africa, trails.
Reston Bicycle Club, Reston VA.
Retail Cycle Traders, Australia, trade.
Rhode Island Fat Tire Association (RIFTA), Charlestown RI, trails.
Richmond Area Bicycling Association, Richmond VA.
Richmond County Bike Club, Hamlet NC.
Ride Around Wyoming, 1989, Sheridan WY, touring.
Ridepool, Albuquerque NM, transport, recreation, Rideguide.
Riders Helping Insure Off-Roads Survival (RHINO), Denver CO, trails.
Riders of the Gorge, Rainelle WV, trails.
Rio Bikers, 1992-, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recreation.
Ripley Road Club, 1880s, England.
Rising Sun Cycle Club, 1890s, New York NY, recreation, Japanese-Americans.
Riverbend Bicycle Club, Clinton IA.
River City Wheelmen, Memphis TN, The News Wheel.
River City Cycling Club, Elizabeth City NC, recreation.
Riverside Bicycle Club, Riverside CA.
Riverside Bicycle Commuter Coalition, Riverside CA, advocacy.
Riverside Cycle Club, 1890s, Boston MA, recreation.
Roanoke Valley Bike Club, Roanoke Rapids NC.
Road Records Association (RRA), 1885-1888-, Glamorgan, England, governs UK road records.
Road Time Trials Council (RTTC), 1921-, Peterborough, England, governs UK time trial racing. Formerly Road Racing Council.
Rochester Bicycle Club, 1970, Rochester NY, recreation, 600 members in 1995, Flower City Cyclist.
Rockhoppers Mountainbike Club, Honeydew, South Africa, Rocknews.
Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference, Broomfield CO, sport.
Rocky Mountain Cycling Club, Denver CO, touring, hard riding.
Rolling Resistance, 1980-, Troy NY, transport, advocacy.
Rosslyn Ladies' Cycling Club, 1920s-, London, recreation, advocacy.
Rough Stuff Fellowship, 1955-, Southport, England, trails.
Round-the-World Cyclists' Registry, Toronto, Canada, source, world cyclists.
Routt County Riders, Steamboat Springs CO, trails.
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), Birmingham, England, source, advocacy, education.


Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, Sacramento CA, advocacy.
Sacramento Bicycle Club, 1880s, Sacramento CA.
Sacramento Bike Hikers, Folsom CA, recreation.
Sacramento Rough Riders, Sacramento CA, trails.
Sacramento Wheelmen, Sacramento CA, recreation, sport.
St. Boniface Cycling Club, 1916, Winnipeg, Canada, sport.
St. Mary's College Mountain Biking Club, Saint Mary's City MD, trails.
St. Petersburg Bicycle Club, St. Petersburg FL.
Salem Bicycle Club, Salem OR, recreation, Spokes.
Salisbury Bicycle Club, Pocomoke MD.
Salisbury State University Bicycle Club, Salisbury MD.
San Angelo Bicycling Association, San Angelo TX.
San Antonio Wheelmen, San Antonio TX.
Sandhills Cycle Club, Southern Pines NC, recreation.
Sandia Bicycle Club, 1972-, Sandia Laboratories, Kirtland Air Force Base NM, recreation, 400 members in 1975.
San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, San Diego CA, recreation, transport, advocacy.
San Diego County Trails Council, El Cajon CA, trails.
San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA), San Diego CA, trails.
San Diego State University Cycling Club, San Diego CA, sport.
San Diego Tandem Club, San Diego CA, recreation.
San Diego Velodrome Association, San Diego CA, sport.
Sandusky Bicycle Club, Sandusky OH.
Sandy Hookers Triathlon Club, Red Bank NJ, sport.
San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club, Chatsworth CA, recreation.
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC), San Francisco CA, transport.
San Francisco Bike Messenger Association, 1994, San Francisco CA.
Sangre de Cristo Cycle Club, Santa Fe NM, touring, trails.
San Jose Bicycle Club (SJBC), 1939-, San Jose CA, recreation, touring, sport.
San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, San Luis Obispo CA, recreation.
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, Santa Barbara CA, advocacy, Quick Release.
Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers, Goleta CA, trails.
Santa Fe Century Committe, Santa Fe NM, touring.
Santa Fe Mountain Bike Club, Santa Fe NM, trails.
Santa Rosa Cycling Club, Santa Rosa CA, touring.
Santiam Slow Spokes, Lebanon Community Hospital, Lebanon OR.
Sarasota Manatee Bike Club, Sarasota FL.
Saratoga Freewheelers Bicycle Club, Saratoga Springs NY, recreation.
Saskatchewan Cycling Association, Regina, Canada, recreation, sport.
Schweiz Radfahrer und Motorfahrer Bund (SRB), Zurich, Switzerland, touring; affiliate of Alliance Internationale de Tourisme.
SCOR Cardiac Cyclists Club, 1980s-, Whittier CA, recreation, sport, heart patients, The Tailwind.
Scottish Cyclists' Union (SCU), 1889-, Edinburgh, Scotland, sport.
Sea to Sky Trail Society, Squamish BC, Canada, trails.
Sedona Bicycle Club, Sedona AZ.
Seneca Sprockets Bicycle Club, Tiffin OH.
Seven Hills Wheelmen, Worcester MA.
SHARE-Concerned Cyclists of Crystal Cove, Corona del Mar CA, trails, education, management.
Shasta Wheelmen, 1970, Redding CA, advocacy, recreation.
Sheepshead Sports Club, Brooklyn NY.
Sheffield Hallam University Cycling Club, Sheffield, England.
Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Club, Harrisonburg VA.
Sheridan Bicycle Club, Sheridan WY.
Shore Cycle Club, Northfield NJ, touring, sport, Spokes & Folks.
Shreveport Bicycle Club, Shreveport LA.
Sierra Express Bicycle Club, Nevada City CA.
Sierra Leone Amateur National Cycling Association, Freetown, Sierra Leone, sport.
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC), 1971-, Cupertino CA, transport, advocacy. Formerly Santa Clara Valley Bicycle Association (SCVBA), 1971-1992.
Single Cyclists, Kentfield CA, recreation.
Singletrack Mind Cycling Club, Tacoma WA, trails.
Siskiou Wheelmen, Ashland OR, recreation, trails, advocacy.
Skagit Bicycle Club, Burlington WA.
Skinker Debaliviere Youth Cycling Club, St. Louis MO.
Skyline Bicycle Club, Sunnyvale CA, The Spoken Word.
Sleepy Hollow Bicycle Club, Tarrytown NY, recreation, sport.
Slow Spokes of Macomb, Sterling Heights MI.
Smoky Mountain Wheelmen Bicycle Club, Knoxville TN, recreation, advocacy, Pedal Notes.
Snake River Cyclists, Boise ID, Snake Bites.
Snell Memorial Foundation, 1957, St. James NY, helmet certification.
Socialist Wheelmen's Club, 1898-, New York, recreation, members of Labor Party.
Sociedad de Velocipedistas de Madrid, 1880s-, Spain.
Societ des Cyclistes Coiffeurs-Parfumeurs (Cyclists in the hair and perfume profession), 1896-, Paris.
Society of Cyclists, 1884-, England, recreation.
Somerset Area Mountain Bike Association, Somerset MA, trails.
Somerset Wheelmen, Somerville NJ.
Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club, Brookfield CT, recreation.
South African Mountain Bicycle Association, Linton Grange, South Africa, trails.
South Australian Cycling Federation, Elizabeth, South Australia, regional sport.
South Australian Touring Cyclists' Association, Norwood, South Australia, touring, trails.
South Bay Wheelmen, Redondo Beach CA, recreation, sport.
South Broward Wheelers, 1984, Hollywood FL, recreation, advocacy, 400 members in 1990.
South Chicago Wheelmen, Crete IL, recreation, sport.
Southern Appalachian Mountain Biker Organization, Atlanta GA, trails.
Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA), Tucson AZ, trails.
Southern Bicycle League, 1970, Roswell GA, recreation, 2,200 members in 1995, Freewheelin'.
Southern Connecticut Cycle Club (SCCC), New Haven CT, recreation.
Southern Cyclists, Statesboro GA, Southern Cyclist.
Southern Indiana Wheelmen, Clarksville IN.
Southern Maine Off-Road Bicycle Association, Portland ME, trails.
Southern Off-Road Bicycling Association, Marietta GA, trails, advocacy.
Southern Oregon Cycling Association, Ashland OR, sport, resource.
Southern Sierra Fat Tire Association, Bakersfield CA, trails.
Southern Tier Bicycle Club, Vestal NY, recreation.
South Florida Trail Blazers, Lake Worth FL, trails.
South Island Mountain Bike Society, Victoria BC, Canada, trails.
South Jersey Wheelmen, 1977, Vineland NJ, recreation, Spoke `n Word.
South Mountain Cycle Club, South Orange NJ.
South Texas Off-Road Mountain Bikers, San Antonio TX, trails.
South West Association of Mountain Pedalers (SWAMP), Tampa FL, trails.
South Western Ohio Trails Association, Cincinnati OH, trails.
South West Idaho Mountain Biking Association (SWIMBA), Boise ID, trails.
Space City Cycling Club, Houston TX.
Space Coast Freewheelers Bike Club, Cocoa FL, recreation.
Spartanburg Freewheelers, Roebuck SC.
Special Olympics International (SOI), 1968, Washington DC, cyclists with mental impairments, Special Olympic Games.
Speedwell Bicycle Club, 1876-, Birmingham, England, sport.
Spokane Bicycle Club, 1972, Spokane WA, touring, transport, 300 members in 1995.
Spokes & Folks Bicycle Club, Menominee MI-Marinette WI, recreation.
Spokes-Lothian Cycling Campaign, 1977-, Edinburgh, Scotland, transport, advocacy, touring.
Spokespeople, Sarasota FL, advocacy, safety.
Spoke in the Mud, Lake Geneva WI, trails.
Spoon River Wheelmen, 1983, Canton IL, touring.
Sportable Racing Team, Ottawa, Canada.
Sports for Understanding, Washington DC, international touring, sport, for teens.
Springbike Bicycle Club, Springfield MO, recreation.
Spring City Cycle Club, Huntsville AL.
Spring City Spinners, Waukesha WI.
Spring Creek Velo Club, Fort Collins CO.
Springfield Bicycle Club, 1890s-, Springfield MA, touring, sport, Springfield Tournaments.
Springfield Bicycle Club, 1971, Springfield IL, recreation, Quick Release.
Spring Valley Bicycle Club, Las Vegas NV.
Stanford Bicycle Coalition, Stanford CA, advocacy.
Stanford University Cycling Club, Stanford CA, sport.
Stanislaus County Bike Club, Modesto CA, recreation.
Stanley Bicycle Club, 1876, London, recreation, Stanley Show.
Stark County Bicycle Club, Canton OH, recreation, advocacy, Spokin' Word.
Starved Rock Cycling Association, Ottawa IL.
State Bicycle Committee, Sydney and Walkerville, Australia, advocacy.
State Fair City Cyclists, Sedalia MO.
Staten Island Bicycling Association, Staten Island NY.
Stichting: Fiets!, 1959-, Amsterdam, advocacy.
Stockton Bicycle Club, 1946, Stockton CA, advocacy, recreation.
Stowe Bicycle Club, Stowe VT, recreation, sport.
Strada Sempre Duro, Walnut Creek CA.
Streamliner Racing Association, cycles, HPVs.
Suburban Cyclists Unlimited, Horsham PA, recreation, Chainletter.
Suffolk Bicycle Riders Association, Saint James NY.
Summit Cycling Club, Cherry Hill NJ.
Sumner County Cycle Club, Cottontown TN, recreation.
Sunnyvale Cupertino Cycling Club, Saratoga CA.
SuperVelo, Vernon CT, recreation, sport.
Surrey Bicycle Club, 1870, London.
Surrey Road Racing League, England, sport.
Sustrans, Bristol, England, trails, transport.
Suwannee Bicycle Association, 1990, White Springs FL, recreation, Suwannee Bicycle Gazette.
Svenska Cykelsllskapet (SCS), 1979-, Spnga, Sweden, transport, advocacy.
Svenska Turistfreningen (STF), Stockholm, Sweden, touring.
Swamp Yankee Road Club, Wakefield RI.
Swan Velo, Slough, England, recreation, sport.
Sydney on the Run, Sydney, Australia.
Syklistenes Landsforening (SLF), 1947-, Oslo, Norway, touring, transport, advocacy.


Tacoma Wheelmen Club, Tacoma WA, recreation.
Tahoe Area Mountain Bicycling Association (TAMBA), South Lake CA, trails.
Tailwinds Bicycle Club of Santa Maria, Santa Maria CA.
Tampa Bay Freewheelers, Tampa FL.
The Tandem Club, 1971-, Godalming, England, tandem touring; affiliate of Cyclists' Touring Club.
Tandem Club of America, Birmingham AL, recreation, tandem source.
Tandem Club of Australia, Melbourne, Australia, recreation.
Tarheel Cyclists, Charlotte NC, recreation.
Tasmanian Cycling Federation, Launceston, Tasmania, regional sport.
Taylorville Bicycle Club, Taylorville IL.
Team Allspeed, Portland ME, sport.
Team Ascent, Ashland OR, sport.
Team Babes on Bikes, Fort Collins CO.
Team Bicycle Doctor, Middletown NY, sport.
Team Brooklyn, Brooklyn NY, sport.
Team CyCor, Richmond VA, sport.
Team Evergreen Bicycle Club, Evergreen CO, sport, touring, 800 members in 1995, Bike Beat.
Team Florida, Gainesville FL, sport.
Team Harrisburg, New Cumberland PA, sport.
Team Internet, Austin TX, internet.
Team Mudlover, Norwalk CT, sport.
Team Oregon, Beaverton OR, sport.
Team Reaction, North Clinton NJ, sport.
Team Squiggle, Brooklyn NY, sport.
Team Washington, sport.
Team Wrong Way, San Ramon CA.
Tel Aviv for Bicycles, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Territorial Bicycle Club, 1880s, Regina, Canada.
Texarkana Bicycle Club, Texarkana TX, recreation, transport, Chain Letter.
Texas Bicycle Coalition (TBC), 1990-, Austin TX, advocacy.
Thornapple Valley Bikers, Hastings MI.
300,000 Miles Club, 1962-, Cheshire, England, lifetime mileage, 53 members in 1993.
Three Oaks Spokes Bicycle Club, Three Oaks MI.
Three Rivers Velo Sport, 1969, Fort Wayne IN, recreation, advocacy, sport, Quick Release.
Thundering Quads Cycling Club, Chardon OH, recreation.
Tidewater Bicycle Association, Norfolk VA, touring, sport, 600 members in 1990.
Time's Up, New York NY, environmental.
TOBRAW Bike Club, Milwaukee WI, recreation.
Todos En Bicicleta, Mexico City, Mexico, transport, advocacy.
Toledo Area Bicyclists, Toledo OH.
Toronto Bicycle Club, 1880s, Toronto Canada, recreation, sport.
Toronto Bicycling Network, Toronto, Canada, recreation, advocacy, 1,000 members in 1990.
Toronto City Cycling Committee, 1975-, Toronto, Canada, transport, advocacy, city office.
Toronto Cycle Club, Toronto, Canada, sport.
Toronto Randonneur Club, 1980s, Toronto, Canada, touring.
Tour de France BBS, 1995, Scarborough, Canada, internet.
Touring Club de France, 1890, Paris.
Touring Club Italiano, 1895-, Milan, Italy, touring.
Touring Club Suisse-Cyclo-loisirs (TCS), 1896-, Meyrin, Switzerland, touring.
Touring Cyclists' Hospitality Directory, 1977-, Reseda CA, touring network.
Touring Exchange, source, international cycletouring.
Trail Center, Los Altos CA, trails, advocacy, development.
Trail Conservation Services, Littleton CO.
Trail Riders Access Club of Edmonton, Edmonton, Canada.
Trails 2000, Durango CO, trails.
Trail Users Rights Foundation (TURF), Oak Forest IL, trails.
TransCycle, Enfield, England.
Transportation Alternatives (TA), 1973-, New York NY, transport, advocacy, recyclery, 3,500 members in 1995.
Transportation Options, Moscow ID, recyclery.
Transport 2000, London, transport, advocacy.
Tread Lightly, Ogden UT, trials, advocacy.
Treasure Coast Cycling Association, Jensen Beach FL.
Trekfogels Club, 1890-, Amsterdam, Holland, recreation, touring.
Triad Wheelers Bicycle Club, Greensboro NC.
Tri-Cities Road Club, Johnson City TN.
Tri-City Bicycle Club, Richland WA.
Tri-City Cyclists, 1985, Bay City MI, recreation, sport, 500 members in 1995, Pedal Power Press.
Tri-County Bicycle Association, 1970, Lansing MI, touring, advocacy, 1,200 members in 1995, Chainwheel Chatter.
Tricycle Association, 1880-1882, London, sport, recreation.
Tricycle Association, 1928-, Leeds, England, sport; affiliate with Road Time Trials Council.
Tricycle Union, 1882-1884, London, recreation, sport.
Tri-Fed-Triathlon Federation/USA, 1982-, Colorado Springs CO, triathlon racing.
Trips for Kids, 1989, Mill Valley CA, education, recreation, recyclery.
Tri-State Wheelers, Weirton WV.
Tuff Riders Mountain Bike Club, Los Alamos NM, trails.
Tulsa Wheelmen, 1978, Tulsa OK, recreation, transport, sport.
Tulsa Bicycle Club, Tulsa OK.
Twickenham Cycling Club, 1893, Hillingdon, England, sport.
Twin Cities Bicycle Club, Roseville MN, recreation.
Twin Peaks Cycling Club, sport.
Twin Rivers Cyclists, Lewiston ID.
Two-Tired Bicycle Club, New Castle PA.


hendus Roheline Maardu, Tallinn, Estonia, transport, advocacy.
Ukiah Wheelers Bike Club, Ukiah CA, recreation, Harvest Century.
Ulster Cycling Federation, sport.
Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA), 1980-, Canton TX, governs long-distance racing.
Unicycling Society of America (USA), Redford MI, sport, recreation.
Union City Teen Workshop, 1972, Union City CA, education, recyclery.
Union des Cyclistes des Postes et des Tlgraphes (Union of Postal and Telegraph cycists), 1897, Paris.
Union des Brevets International, France, touring.
Union International des Velodromes (UIV), 1956-, Ballerup, Denmark, track racing organizers. Formerly Union Europeenne des Velodromes d'Hiver(UEVH) 1956-1979.
Union Vlocipdique Parisienne, 1876-1880, Paris, amateur racing.
Union Velocipedique Suisse, 1880s.
Unione Sportiva Italiana (USI), Thornwood NY, sport.
Unione Velocipedistica Italiana, 1880s.
Union Luxembourgeois de Cyclotouristes, Florange, Luxembourg, touring.
United Community Action Network (UCAN), 1994, Portland OR, recyclery, free bikes.
United Kingdom Bicycle Moto-Cross Association (UK BMX), 1980-, Twickenham, England, BMX racing.
United Kingdom Unicycle Federation, 1988-, England, sport, recreation.
United Nations Cycling Club, New York NY, touring.
United States Association for Blind Athletes (USABA), 1976, Colorado Springs CO.
United States Bicycling Hall of Fame, Somerville NJ, honors contributors to U.S. sport.
United States Cycling Federation (USCF), 1975-, Colorado Springs CO, governs UCI-sanctioned road and track racing in U.S. Formerly Amateur Bicycle League of America (ABLA), 1920-1975, New York NY; Inter-Club Amateur Cycle Road Racing League, 1912-1919, New York NY.
United States Cerebral Palsy Athletic Association (USCPAA), 1986-, Dallas TX.
United States Deaf Cycling Association (USDCA), Union City CA.
United States Disabled Cycling Team, Westerville OH, sport.
United States Military Wheelmen, 1895-, West Point NY, touring, sport.
University at Buffalo Cycling Club, Amherst NY.
University of Arizona Cycling Team, AZ, sport.
University of California at Davis Cycling Club (UCDCC), Davis CA.
University of California at Los Angeles Cycling Club (UCLACC), Los Angeles CA.
University of California at San Diego Cycling Club (UCSDCC), San Diego CA.
University of Central Lancashire Student's Union Cycling Club.
University of Colorado Cycling Team, Boulder CO, sport, Peloton.
University of Florida Cycling Team, Gainsville FL.
University of Florida Mountain Bike Team, Gainsville FL.
University of Michigan Cycling Team, MI, sport.
University of Nebraska at Omaha Cycling Club (UNOCC), Omaha NE.
University of New Hampshire Cycling Club, NH.
University of Pennsylvania Cycling Club (UPCC), Philadelphia PA, sport.
University of Pittsburgh Panther Cycling Club, Pittsburgh PA.
University of Texas Cycling Club (UTCC), Austin TX.
University of Washington Cycling Team, WA, sport.
University of Western Australia Cycling Club (UWACC), Leeming, Australia, Hubs n Nipples.
The Unknowns, Boynton Beach FL, trails.
Unreliable Wheelmen of Yokohama, 1890s, Yokohama, Japan, Scotish humorists.
Urban Nomads All Terrain Bicycle Association (UNATBA), Alexandria VA, trails.
Urban Youth Bike Corps, 1995, New York NY, recyclery.
USA Cycling, 1994, Colorado Springs CO, governs all IOC- and UCI-sanctioned racing in U.S. incorporating USCF, NORBA, USPRO, NCCA.
United States Professional Racing Organization (USPRO), 1983-1994, New Tripoli PA, governed UCI-sanctioned professional racing in U.S. Formerly Professional Racing Organization (PRO), 1968-1982, Colorado.
Utah Mountain Bike Association, Salt Lake City UT, trails.
Uvumbuzi Club, Nairobi, Kenya, transport, advocacy.


Valencia en Bici, Valencia, Spain, advocacy.
Valley Forge Bicycle Club, Oreland PA.
Valley Spokesmen, 1971, Dublin CA, advocacy, recreation, 1,000 members in 1995, Valley Spokesmen, Cinderella Classic.
Vancouver Bicycle Club, 1976, Vancouver, Canada, recreation, transport, 220 members in 1995, The Dynamo.
Vancouver Bicycle Racing Society, 1950s, Vancouver, Canada, sport.
Vnta Aga, Tartu, Estonia, transport, advocacy.
Vrosi Biciklizs Bartai (Hungarian Bicycle Club), Budapest, Hungary, transport.
Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club, 1887-, Hemel Hempstead, England, 100th anniversay, vegan members.
Velo Allegro Cycling Club, Long Beach CA, sport.
Le Vloce Club, 1869-, Paris, recreation, sport.
Vloce-Club de Valence, 1868, France.
Veloce Club Milano, 1870-, Milan, Italy, recreation, sport.
Veloce Club Torinese, 1880-, Torino, Italy, recreation, sport.
Veloce Club Fiorentino, 1870-, Florence, Italy, recreation, sport.
Vloce Club de Rouen, 1869-, Rouen, France, recreation, sport.
Velocipede Society of Tasmania, Evandale, Tasmania, cycles, historians.
Velo City.
Velo Club Monterey, Monterey CA, recreation, sport, The Crank.
Velo Club Tamalpias, San Rafael CA, recreation, sport.
Velo de Animas, Farmington NM.
Velo Girardeau, 1978, Cape Girardeau MO, touring.
Velograd Cyclists Club, Volgograd, Russia, transport, recreation.
Velo Halifax Bicycle Club, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, touring.
Velo Hampton, Amagansett NY.
VeloLinq, internet.
VeloNet, internet.
Vlo Qubec, 1967-, Montreal, Canada, transport, recreation, advocacy, source.
Verband der Fahrrad und Motorrad Industrie (VFM), Germany, industry.
Verkehrs Club sterreich, Vienna, Austria, transport, source.
Verkehrs Club der Schweiz, 1979-, Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland, tranport, source, car club.
Vermont Off-Road Cycling Association, Manchester Center VT, trails.
Vertical Velo Club, Frederick MD.
Veteran-Cycle Club, 1955-, Croydon, England, cycles, history. Formerly Southern Veteran-Cycle Club.
Veterans Time Trials Association (VTTA), 1943, Essex, England, age group time trialing.
Victorian Cycling Federation, North Melbourne, Australia, sport.
Victorian Cyclists Union, 1890s, Australia. Formerly Australian Cyclists' Union 1880s.
Victor Valley Bicycle Club, Apple Valley CA.
Vineyard Off-Road Bicycle Association, Edgartown MA, trails.
Vintage Cycle Club, Caulfield, Australia, cycles, collectors.
Virginia Bicycling Federation, Arlington VA, advocacy, Virginia Cyclist.
Vixens, 1990-, England, trails, for women.


Wabash River Cycle Club, 1981, West Lafayette IN, recreation, Spoke`n Word.
Wanderer's Bicycle Club, 1882, Toronto, Canada, recreation.
Wandering Wheels, 1964, Upland, IN, church recreation, touring, 3,500 members in 1995.
Wanderlust Club, 1890s-, Leipzig, Germany, recreation, touring.
Wandervogel Bike Touring Association, Glendale CA, touring.
Wascana Free-Wheelers Bicycle Touring Club, 1983, Regina, Canada, touring.
Washington Bicycle Club, 1880s, Washington DC.
Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA), 1972-, Washington DC, transport, advocacy, 1,200 members in 1995.
Washington's Happily Independent Recumbent Lovers (WHIRL), Washington DC, recumbent bikes, recreation.
Wausau Wheelers, Wausau WI.
The Wayfarers, Fair Lawn NJ, touring.
The Wayfarers, Danville PA, touring.
The Wayfarers, Washington DC, touring.
Wayne Wheels Bicycle Club, Wooster OH.
West Broward Freewheelers, Coral Springs FL.
Westchester Velo Cycling Club, White Plains NY.
Western Jersey Wheelmen, 1978, Lebanon NJ, touring.
Western New York Mountain Bicycling Association (WNYMBA), Amherst NY, trails.
Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen (WPW), 1968, Pittsburgh PA, recreation, source, 1,100 members in 1995, Cycling Circular.
Western Reserve Wheelers, Pepper Pike OH.
Western Wheelers, 1968-, Los Altos CA, touring, transport, The Flat Tyre.
Westerville Bicycle Club, Westerville OH.
West Essex Hot Shots, Caldwell NJ.
Westfield Non-Scorching Sit-Erect Bicycle Club, 1890s, Staten Island NY, upright cyclists against scorchers.
West Florida Wheelmen, Pensacola FL.
West Palm Beach Bicycle Club, 1963, West Palm Beach FL, recreation, Cycleletter.
West River Riders, Guilford CT, trails.
West Slope Wheelmen, Grand Junction CO, recreation.
West Sound Cycling Club, Silverdale WA.
West Virginia Mountain Bicycling Association (WVMBA), Morgantown WV, trails.
Whatcom Independent Mountain Pedalers (WIMP), Bellingham WA, trails.
Wheatland Wheelers Bike Club, Walla Walla WA.
Wheeling Wheelmen, Wheeling IL.
The Wheelmen, 1967-, Trenton NJ, cycles, history, collectors.
Wheel People Bicycle Association, Galveston IN, recreation.
Wheel People of St. Joseph County, Sturgis MI.
Wheel Power Christian Cyclists, Lynchburg VA.
Wheels for Winners, 1992, Madison WI, education, recyclery.
Wheels of Change.
Wheelsport Cycle Club, Mahwah NJ, recreation, sport.
Wheelsport Cycling Team, Kent WA, sport.
Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association (WORCA), Whistler BC, Canada, trails.
White Clay Bicycle Club (WCBC), Wilmington DE, recreation, Tailwind.
White Mountain Road Club, Phoenix AZ, sport.
Whole Wheel Velo Club, Washington DC, sport.
Wichita Falls Bicycling Club, 1981, Wichita Falls TX, touring, sport, Spoke `N Word.
Wichita Mountains Bike Club, Lawton OK.
Wild West Racing Team, OR, sport.
Williamson County Cycling Club, Round Rock TX.
Williamsport Bicycle Club, Williamsport PA.
Winchester Wheelmen, Winchester VA.
Windy City Cycling Club, Chicago IL.
Winnipeg Cycletouring Club, Winnipeg, Canada, touring.
Winnipeg Rovers Bicycle Club, 1883, Winnipeg, Canada.
Winter Park Fat Tire Society (FATS), Winter Park CO, trails, development.
Wisconsin Off-Road Bicycling Association (WORBA), Madison WI, trails.
The Wooden Wheels, Givatayim, Israel, cycles, collectors.
Women in Love with Dirt (WILD), Halfway House, South Africa, trails.
Women of Power in the Industry (WOPITI), Fairfax CA, industry.
Women On a Roll, Los Angeles CA.
Women on Wheels, Chicago IL, advocacy. Formerly National Organization of Wheelwomen (NOW).
Women's Cycle Racing Association (WCRA), Romford, England, sport.
Women's Cycling Coalition (WCC), Louisville CO, sport, advocacy.
Women's Cycling Network, Harvard IL, touring, advocacy.
Women's Mountain Bike and Tea Society (WOMBATS), 1989-, Fairfax CA, trails, advocacy.
Women's Road Records Association (WRRA), 1934-, London, governs UK women's road records.
Women's Sports Foundation, New York NY, sport.
Wood City Wheelers, Cloquet MN.
Workers' Pedal Club, 1890s-, France.
World Bicycle Polo Federation, Bailey CO.
World Health Organization Health Initiative, Atlanta GA.
World on Wheels (WOW), San Rafael CA, education.
World T.E.A.M., Queen Anne, MD.
W.P. Pedal Power Association (WPPPA), Claremont, South Africa, advocacy, also known as W.P. Trapkragvereniging.
Wrecking Crew, Howell NJ, trails.
Wyoming Valley Bicycle Club, Dallas PA.


Xtreme Cycling Club, Liverpool NY.


Yale Cycling Team, 1879-, Yale University, New Haven CT, sport, oldest active U.S. cycling organization.
Yankee Pedalers, Tolland CT.
York Area Mountain Bike Association, York PA, trails.
Youth Bicycle Education Network (YBEN), 1994, Santa Cruz CA, education, RE:cycle.


Zuerich autofrei (ZAF), Zurich, Switzerland, transport, advocacy.

International Cycling Federations

International Olympic Committee (IOC), 1890s-, Lausanne, Switzerland, governs Olympic competition.
Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), 1900-, Lausanne, Switzerland, governs road racing, track, mountain bike, cyclo-cross, BMX, cycleball, artistic cycling. Formerly International Cyclist Association (ICA), 1892-1900.
Federation Internationale Amateur de Cyclisme (FIAC), 1965-1992, Rome, Italy, UCI amateur racing.
Federation Internationale de Cyclisme Professionnel (FICP), 1965-1992, Luxembourg, UCI professional racing.

Albania (ALB) Union Albanaise de Cyclisme, Tirana.
Algeria (ALG) Federation Algerienne de Cyclisme, Alger.
Andorra (AND) Federacion Andorrana de Ciclismo, Escaldes Engordany.
Angola (ANG) Federation Cycliste de l'Angola, Luanda.
Antigua (ANT) Antigua and Barbuda Amateur Cycling Association, St. John's.
Argentina (ARG) Federacion Ciclistica Argentina, Buenos Aires.
Armenia (ARM) Federation du Cyclisme de la Republique d'Armenie, Erevan.
Aruba (ARU) Aruba Wieler Bond, Oranjestad.
Australia (AUS) Australian Cycling Federation (ACF), 1929-, Sydney.
Austria (AUT) Osterreischicher Radsport Verband, 1946-, Vienna. Formerly sterreichischer Radsport Kommission.
Azerbaijan (AZE) Federation Cycliste de la Republique d'Azerbaijan, Baku.
Bahamas (BAH) Bahamas Amateur Cycling Federation, Nassau. Formerly Bahamas Amateur Cycling Association.
Bahrain (BHR) Bahrain Amateur Cycling Federation, El Manama.
Bangladesh (BAN) Bangladesh Cycling Federation, Dhaka.
Barbados (BAR) Barbados Cycling Union, Bridgetown.
Belarus (BLR) Federation Cycliste de Bielorussie, Minsk.
Belgium (BEL) Koninklijke Belgische Wielrijders Bond (KBWB) Royale Ligue Velocipedique Belge (LVB), 1882-, Brussels.
Belize (BIZ) Belize Amateur Cycling Association, Belize City.
Benin (BEN) Federation Cycliste de la Republique du Benin, Cotonou. Formerly Fdration Dahomenne de Cyclisme.
Bermuda (BER) Bermuda Bicycle Association, Devonshire.
Bolivia (BOL) Federacion Boliviana de Ciclismo, La Paz.
Bosnia-Herzegovina Federation Bosnie-Herzegovine de Cyclisme, Sarajevo.
Botswana (BOT) Botswana Cycling Association, Gaborone.
Brazil (BRA) Confederacao Brasileira de Ciclismo, Sao Paolo.
Brunei (BRU) Brunei Amateur Cycling Association, Bandar.
Bulgaria (BUL) Union Bulgare de Cyclisme, Sofia.
Burkina Faso Federation Burkinabe de Cyclisme, Ouagadougou. Formerly Upper Volta Fdration Voltaque de Cyclisme.
Cameroun (CMR) Federation Camerounaise de Cyclisme, Yaounde.
Canada (CAN) Canadian Cycling Association (CCA), 1882-, Gloucester.
Cape Verde Federacao Cabo-Verdiana de Ciclismo, Praia.
Cayman Islands (CAY) Cayman Islands Cycling Association, Grand Cayman.
Central African Republic Federation Centrafricaine de Cyclisme, Bangui.
Chile (CHI) Federacion Ciclista de Chile, 1905-, Santiago.
China (CHN) Cycling Association of the People's Republic of China, Beijing.
Colombia (COL) Federacion Colombiana de Ciclismo, Bogota.
Comoros Federation Comorienne de Cyclisme Amateur, Moroni.
Congo (CGO) Federation Congolaise de Cyclisme, Brazzaville.
Costa Rica (CRC) Federacion Costarricense de Ciclismo, San Jose.
Croatia (CRO) Hrvatski Biciklisticki, Savez Zagreb.
Cuba (CUB) Federacion Cubana de Ciclismo, Havana.
Cyprus (CYP) Cyprus Cycling Federation, Nicosia.
Czech Republic (TCH) Federation Tcheque de Cyclisme, 1883-, Prague. Formerly Fdration Tchcoslovaque de Cyclisme.
Denmark (DEN) Danmarks Cykle Union, Brondby, Dansk Professionelt Cykle-Forbund, 1965-, Denmark.
Dominican Republic (DOM) Federacion Dominicana de Ciclismo, Santo Domingo.
Ecuador (ECU) Federacion Ecuadorianna de Ciclismo, Quito.
Egypt (EGY) Egyptian Bicycle Union, Cairo.
El Salvador (SAL) Federacion Salvadorena de Ciclismo, San Salvador.
Estonia (EST) Union Cycliste de l'Estonie, Tallinn.
Ethiopia (ETH) National Ethiopian Cycling Federation, Addis Ababa.
Fiji (FIJ) Fiji Amateur Cycling Association, Suva.
Finland (FIN) Suomen Pyorailyliitto, 1898-, Helsenki.
France (FRA) Federation Franaise de Cyclisme (FFC), 1881-, Rosny. Formerly Union Vlocipdique Franaise (UVF) Paris.
Gabon (GAB) Federation Gabonaise de Cyclisme, Libreville.
Georgia (GEO) Federation Georgienne de Cyclisme, Tbilisi.
Germany (RFA) Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (BDF) 1884-, Frankfurt.
Great Britain (GBR) British Cycling Federation (BCF) 1959-, Manchester. Formerly British League of Racing Cyclists (BLRC) 1942-1959; National Cyclists' Union (NCU) 1883-1959; Bicycle Union 1878-1883; British Professional and Independent Cycling Association.
Greece (GRE) Federation Hellenique de Cyclisme, Athens.
Grenada Grenada Amateur Athletic and Cycling Association, St. George's.
Guam (GUM) Guam Cycling Association, Agana.
Guatemala (GUA) Federacion Nacional Guatemalteca de Ciclismo, Guatemala City.
Guinea (GUI) Federation Guinenne de Cyclisme, Conakry.
Guyana (GUY) Guyana Cycling Federation, Georgetown.
Haiti (HAI) Federation Hatienne de Cyclisme Amateur, Port Au Prince.
Holland (HOL) Koninklijke Nederlandsche Wielren Unie (KNWU) 1883-, Woerden.
Honduras (HON) Federacion Nacional de Ciclismo de Honduras, Tegucigalpa. Formerly Federacion Nacional Deportiva Extraescolar.
Hong Kong (HKG) Hong Kong Cycling Association, Wanchai.
Hungary (HUN) Magyar Kerekpar Szovetseg, Budapest. Formerly Association of Hungarian Cyclists 1894-.
India (IND) Cycling Federation of India, New Delhi; Indian Professional Cyclists' Association Bombay.
Indonesia (INA) Indonesian Amateur Cycling Association 1951-, Jakarta.
Iran (IRN) Amateur Cycling Federation Islamic Republic of Iran, Teheran.
Iraq (IRQ) Iraqi Amateur Cycling Federation, Baghdad.
Ireland (IRL) Federation of Irish Cyclists (FIC) 1968, Dublin.
Israel (ISR) Sports Federation of Israel, Tel Aviv.
Italy (ITA) Federazione Ciclista Italiana (FCI), Rome. Formerly Unione Velocipedistica Italiana (UVI) 1884-.
Ivory Coast (CIV) Feddration Ivoirienne de Cyclisme, Abidjan.
Jamaica (JAM) Jamaica Cycling Federation, Kingston. Formerly Jamaica Amateur Cycling Association.
Japan (JPN) Japan Cycling Federation 1934-, Tokyo. Formerly Japan Amateur Cycling Federation (JACF), Japan Professional Cycling Federation Tokyo.
Jordan (JOR) Jordan Cycling Federation, Amman.
Kazakhstan (KAZ) Federation Cycliste de la Republique du Kazakhstan, Almaty.
Kenya (KEN) Amateur Cycling Association of Kenya, Eldoret.
Korea, North (PKR) Cycling Association of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Pyongyang.
Korea, South (KOR) Korea Cycling Federation, Seoul. Formerly Korean Amateur Cycling Association.
Kuwait (KUW) Kuwait Athletic & Cycling Federation, Kuwait City.
Kyrgyzstan (KYR) Cycling Union of the Republic of Kirghizistan, Bishkek.
Latvia (LAT) Federation Lettone de Cyclisme, Riga.
Lebanon (LIB) Fdration Libanaise de Cyclisme 1952-, Beirut.
Libya (LBA) Union Jamahiriyenne de Cyclisme, Tripoli.
Liechtenstein (LIE) Liechtensteiner Radfahrerverband 1962-, Ruggell.
Lithuania (LIT) Federation Lituanienne de Cyclisme, Vilnius.
Luxembourg (LUX) Federation du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois, Luxembourg.
Macao (MAC) Associacoa de Ciclismo de Macao, Macao. Formerly Lai Ming Cycling Association.
Macedonia Union Velocipedique de Macedoine, Skopje.
Madagascar (MAD) Comite National de Coordination de Cyclisme, Tananarive.
Malawi (MAW) Cycling Association of Malawi, Blantyre.
Malaysia (MAL) Malaysian National Cycling Federation, 1953-, Mekala.
Mali (MLI) Fdration Malienne de Cyclisme, Bamako.
Malta (MLT) Amateur Cycling Association, Mosta. Formerly Malta Cycling Association.
Mauritius (MRI) Fdration Mauricienne de Cyclisme, Bell Village.
Mexico (MEX) Federacion Mexicana de Ciclismo, Mexico City.
Moldova (MOL) Fdration du Cyclisme de la Republique de Moldavie, Chisinau.
Mongolia (MGL) Mongolian Cycling Federation, Ulan Bator.
Monaco (MON) Fdration Monegasque de Cyclisme, Monaco.
Morocco (MAR) Fdration Royale Marocaine de Cyclisme, Casablanca.
Myanmar (BIR) Burma Cycling Federation, Rangoon.
Namibia Namibian Cycling Federation, Windhoek.
Netherlands Antilles Dutch Antillean Cycling Federation, Curacoa.
New Zealand (NZL) New Zealand Amateur Cycling Association, 1934-, Wellington.
Nicaragua (NCA) Federacion Nacional de Ciclismo, Managua.
Niger (NIG) Fdration Nigerienne de Cyclisme, Niamey.
Nigeria (NGR) Nigerian Cycling Federation, 1972-, Lagos. Formerly Nigerian Amateur Cycling Association.
Norway (NOR) Norges Cykleforbund, 1910-, Rud.
Oman (OMA) Oman Cycling Association, Ruwi.
Pakistan (PAK) Pakistan Cycling Federation, Lahore.
Panama (PAN) Federacion Nacional de Ciclismo de Panama, Panama.
Paraguay (PAR) Federacion Paraguaya de Ciclismo, Asuncion.
Peru (PER) Federacion Peruana de Ciclismo, Lima.
Philippines (PHI) Philippine Cycling Federation, Manila.
Poland (POL) Polski Zwiazek Kolarski, 1920-, Warsaw.
Portugal (POR) Federao Portuguesa de Ciclismo, Lisbon.
Puerto Rico (PUR) Federacion Puertorriquena de Ciclismo, San Juan.
Romania (ROM) Federatia Romana de Ciclisme, Bucharest.
Russia (RUS) Union Cycliste de la Russie, Moscow. Formerly Soviet Union (URS) Fdration Cycliste d'URSS.
Rwanda (RWA) Fdration Rwandaise de Cyclisme Amateur, Kigali.
St. Kitts St. Kitts Amateur Cycling Association, Basseterre.
St. Lucia St. Lucia Amateur Cycling Association, Castries.
St. Vincent St. Vincent and Grenadines Cycling Union, Kingstown.
San Marino (SMR) Federazione Ciclistica Sanmarinese, Domagnano.
Sao Tom Federacao Santomense de Ciclismo, So Tom.
Saudi Arabia (SAU) Saudi Arabian Amateur Cycling Association, 1963-, Riyadh.
Senegal (SEN) Fdration Sngalaise de Cyclisme, Dakar.
Seychelles (SEY) Seychelles Amateur Cycling Association, Victoria.
Singapore (SIN) Singapore Amateur Cycling Association, Singapore.
Slovakia Slovak Cycling Federation, Bratislava.
Slovenia Fdration Slovene de Cyclisme, Ljubljana.
South Africa (SAF) South African Cycling Federation, Table View.
Spain (ESP) Federacin Espaola de Ciclismo, 1896-, Madrid.
Sri Lanka (SRI) Cycling Association of Sri Lanka, 1970-, Colombo.
Sudan (SUD) Sudan Cycling Federation, Khartoum.
Surinam (SUR) Surinam Wielren Unie, Paramaribo.
Sweden (SWE) Svenska Cykelfrbundet, 1900-, Sigtuna.
Switzerland (SUI) Comit National du Cyclisme (CNC), Glattbrugg; National Komittee fr Radsport Zurich; Union Cycliste Suisse Geneva.
Syria (SYR) Fdration Arabe Syrienne de Cyclisme, Damascus.
Taiwan (TPE) Chinese Taipei Amateur Cycling Association, 1964-, Taipei.
Tanzania (TAN) Cycling Association of Tanzanie, Dar es Salaam.
Thailand (THA) Thai Amateur Cycling Association, Bangkok.
Togo (TOG) Fdration Togolaise de Cyclisme, Lome.
Trinidad-Tobago (TRI) Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation, Port of Spain.
Tunisia (TUN) Fdration Tunisienne de Cyclisme, Tunis.
Turkey (TUR) Fdration Turque de Cyclisme, Ankara.
Turkmenistan Fdration Cycliste du Turkmenistan, Ashgabat.
Uganda (UGA) Uganda Cycling Association, Kampala.
Ukraine (UKR) Fdration Ukrainienne de Cyclisme, Kiev.
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates Cyclist Association, Deira Dubai.
United States (USA) USA Cycling, Inc.: United States Cycling Federation (USCF), 1975-, Colorado Springs CO. Formerly Amateur Bicycle League of America (ABLA) 1920-1975; Inter-Club Amateur Cycle Road Racing League 1912-1919; National Cycling Association (NCA) 1893-1920 Philadelphia PA; League of American Wheelmen (LAW) 1881-1900; National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA) 1983- Colorado Springs CO; United States Professional Racing Organization (USPRO) 1983- New Tripoli PA. Formerly Professional Racing Organization (PRO) 1968-1982 Colorado; National Collegiate Cycling Association (NCCA) Colorado Springs CO.
Uruguay (URU) Fdration Cycliste d'Uruguay, Montevideo.
Uzbekistan Fdration Cycliste d'Ouzbekistan, Tashkent.
Vanuatu Vanuatu Amateur Cycling Federation, Port Vila.
Venezuela (VEN) Federacion Venezolana de Ciclismo, Caracas.
Vietnam (VIE) Vietnam Cycling Federation, Hanoi.
Virgin Islands (ISV) Virgin Islands Cycling Federation, St. Croix.
Yemen (YAR) Yemen Cycling Federation San'a'; Yemen Amateur Cycling Federation, Adan.
Yugoslavia (YUG) Fdration Yougoslavie de Cyclisme, Belgrade.
Zaire (ZAI) Fdration Zaroise de Cyclisme, Kinshasa.
Zambia (ZAM) Cycling Association of Zambia, Lusaka.
Zimbabwe (ZIM) Zimbabwe Cycling Association, Harare.

Travel Organizations


Above the Clouds Trekking (Worchester MA) Nepal, South America, Europe.
Adventure Bicycle Tours (Sacramento CA) Pacific.
Adventures Odyssey (Dauphin PA) USA, Europe.
All Adventure Travel (Falls Church VA) Kathmandu, Andes.
All-Outdoor Adventures Trips (Walnut Creek CA) Hawaii, Europe, China.
American Wilderness Experience (Boulder CO) USA.
American Youth Hostels (Washington DC) Almost everywhere.
Arrow to the Sun (Taylorsville CA) Mexico.
Asian Dreams (Los Angeles CA) Bankok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia.
Asian Pacific Adventures (Los Angeles CA) Asia, Tajikistan.
Backcountry Bicycle Tours (Bozeman MT) North America, Australia.
Backroads Bicycle Touring (Berkeley CA) Almost everywhere.
Baja Expeditions (San Diego CA) Baja, Patagonia, Tibet.
Bicycle Adventure Club (San Diego CA) Almost everywhere.
Bicycle Africa (Bellvue WA) Kenya, Cameroon, Togo, Ivory Coast, China.
Bicycle Beano Vegetarian Tours (Hereford, England) Europe.
Bikecentennial (Missoula MT) North America.
Bike China Tours (Boston MA) Asia.
Bike Events (Bath, England) Europe, Asia.
The Biking Expedition (Henniker NH) North America, Europe, Asia.
Blyth & Co. (New York NY) Europe, Asia.
Boojum Expeditions (San Diego CA) China, Tibet, Mongolia.
Borealis Backcountry Cycling (Anchorage AK) Alaska.
Breakaway Vacations (New York NY) North America, Europe.
Breaking Away Bicycle Tours (Manhattan Beach CA) Hawaii, Europe.
Butterfield & Robinson (Toronto, Canada) Europe, Australia.
Carolina Cycle Tours (Bryson City NC) Central America, Europe.
Chateaux Bike Tours (Denver CO) Europe.
Ciclismo Classico (Cambridge MA) Europe.
Classic Bicycle Tours (Clarkson NY) Greece, Ireland, France, Northeast Canada.
Country Cycling Tours (New York NY) Europe, China.
Crocodile Cycles (Caims, Queensland) Australia.
Cycle Paths (Tahoe City CA) Asia, Baja, Europe, Australia.
Cycle Swiss Alpine (Winchester VA) Europe.
Cycle and Kayak (Gabriola, Canada) North America.
Cycleventures (Cumberland, Canada) North America, Europe, Asia.
Cyclists' Touring Club (Godalming, England) Almost everywhere.
Cyclub Expeditions (Hull, Canada) Europe, Africa.
EarthVentures (Indianapolis IN) Europe, Australia.
Easy Rider Tours (East Arlington VA) North America, Ireland.
Forum Travel (Pleasant Hill CA) Europe, Asia, South America.
Gerhard's Bicycle Odysseys (Portland OR) Europe.
Goulash Tours (Kalamazoo MI) Eastern Europe.
International Bicycle Tours (Essex CT) Soviet Union, China.
International Bicycle Touring Society (San Diego CA) America, Europe.
Joy Ride (Columbia NC) Europe.
The Northwest Passage (Wilmette IL) North America, Europe, Australia, Africa.
Off the Deep End Travels (Jackson WY) Europe, Japan, Tahiti, Thailand, Nepal.
Okanagan Bike Roads (Penticton, Canada) Canada.
On the Loose Bicycle Adventure Vacations (Berkeley CA) Hawaii.
Outback with Bodfish (Chester CA) Pacific Coast.
Pacific Crest Bike Tours (Seattle WA) Pacific Coast, Mexico, Europe.
Paradise Bicycle Tours (Evergreen CO) Africa, Australia.
Paradise Pedallers (Charlotte NC) New Zealand.
Progressive Travels (Seattle WA) North America, Europe.
REI Adventures (Seattle WA) North America, Siberia, China.
Rail-Trail Bike & Hike (Bryson City NC) North America, Europe.
Rim Tours (Moab UT) Western US.
Rocky Mountain Cycle Tour (Canmore, Canada) North America, Hawaii, Europe, Japan.
Sense Adventures (Kingston, Jamaica) Australia.
Timberline Bicycle Tours (Denver CO) North America.
Tour de Cana (Philadelphia PA) Central America, Caribbean.
Touring Exchange (Port Townsend WA) Central America.
Vermont Bicycle Touring (Bristol VT) Northeast US.
Wandering Wheels (Upland IN) North America, Europe, Asia.
Wildland Journeys (Seattle WA) South America.
Woodswomen (Minneapolis MN) North America, Europe, Australia, Mexico.

Adventures Rolling Cross Country (San Francisco CA) Hawaii.
American Youth Hostels (Washington DC) World-wide.
The Biking Expedition (Henniker NH) Canada, Europe, China.
The Biking Odyssey (Dauphin PA) America, Europe.
Riding High Bicycle Tours for Kids (Portland OR) North America, Europe.
Spinning Spokes (Miami FL) Europe.
Sports for Understanding (Washington DC) Europe.
Student Hosteling Program (Conway MA) North America, Europe.