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Welcome to Bike Works NYC

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Bike Works NYC

from Dave Perry and my shop's website. I believe bicycles make a better world so I'm dedicated to making them work as best as possible while showing bike and cycling culture in all its ways.

About the Shop
I work in the shop exclusively by appointment only. Along with bicycle assembly, wheel building, and specialty repairs, this is where I'll be listing stuff for sale as I consolidate shop, archive and collections.

By Appointment Only
Contact: Dave Perry
35 Broadway,
Brooklyn, NY, 11249

Products & Services

Velo Orange Campeur
Bicycles & Frames

This where bikes and frames are listed for sale.

Stuff for Sale
Wheels, Parts & Accessories

Here are the wheel goods, components and other bike stuff for sale.

Professional Repairs
I still offer expert repairs at reasonable rates. My specialties are custom assembly, wheel building, dynamo lighting, hub gear repair, fork re-alignment, and stuck seatpost, stem, crank or pedal removal. With over fifty years experience in vintage and new machines, I love to hear people say: My Bike Works!

Picture Archives

Archive Bicycles

Thousands of bicycles documented online since 2000. Bikes we've assembled, overhauled, tuned-up, or just looked at.

Chainring Archive

Two pages of chainrings and chainwheels to see, plus the Chainwheel Kalidescope. I like them al dente and round as Pi.

Saddle Archive

Welcome bicycle seat sniffers! A collection of leather, anatomic, banana, carbon, plastic, titanium and hard-to-find bicycle seats from past to present.

Events Seen

Bicycle Roller Racing
Plenty of roller races to benefit Messengers, Transportation Alternatives, Kissena Cycling Club, and CRCA Juniors.

Bike Cult Show
Bike Cult Shows

We held the 2013 and 2014 Hand-Built Bicycle Shows. Plus three shows in 2015-16: Ratio, Keirin & Hinged.

Dave's Takes

Here's some fantastic events we've seen.

Bicycle Culture

Bike Cult

This website is named after my big book, Bike Cult: The Ultimate Guide to Human-Powered Vehicles. (New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1995).

Obsessions: Bicycles

My latest book, from 2016, was available in the UK and Australia.

Dave's Life

Look into Dave's life of bikes and cycling.